Eligos for court case for close friend

Hello all,

So a friend very close to me recently got into it with her dad and brother and things eventually escalated to where the cops were called and now she’s facing a domestic violence charge, even though they decided not to press charges and it’s only the state, and her court date is the 26th. I’ve been trying to contact Eligos, but so far I don’t feel like I’ve had any luck. I wish to get the case dismissed by causing as much discord for the prosecution as possible to where they can simply no longer pursue charges, can’t gather evidence to show the judge, or any other way possible. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to petition or invoke Eligos, (time of day, offerings he likes, things he dislikes, whether or not I need a circle, etc, because as of right now I only have sandalwood and his sigil I drew with my blood anointed on the back). I just can’t stand to watch someone so close get harassed by the system over something her brother and dad caused.

I don’t know about Eligos, but Belial is the go to for most of us here when it comes to legal issues.


Some info on Belial here;

I don’t know much about Eligos, sorry.