Elevator game

Has anyone has tried this to see if it actually works.

It looks a bit reckless to me, the kind of thing people who don’t really believe in magick do to get a thrill as the elevator door opens on (what’s supposed to be) the girls’ floor. Like buying a Ouija board then trying to summon the most malevolent spirit possible right away… the operator doesn’t seem to have much control over things.

When I was little I used the concept of an elevator (lift, we call them here) to soul travel to other worlds… that suggests they COULD be used as a liminal soace, and maybe the attention this idea has gotten will feed into that? Might be interesting to try elevator magick.

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Would it actually work, if you use the right sequence of numbers well if thats the case there not very good at it, also when they reach the 5th floor a female suppose to get on the lift but there are none also these people also filming that could be another reason i don’t see success maybe they should don’t film then it might work these types of malevolent spirits might not like being filmed, thank-you