There is a FREE PDF ebook called the Satanic Grimoire of Black Magic. This book discusses some techniques and affects of cursing someone with black magic. This is about using the power of one’s mind and aura to effect change.

Is it given away by the author/s themselves?

If so, you can link to it, but if it’s just a widely-available PDF it may be under copyright.

This is NOT under copyright.
I guarantee it is FREE to the public. I bet my life on that. Just go to the
Joy of Satan website. ALL FREE

Super, thanks - they have a lot of stuff on there, add a link if you want! :slight_smile:

Why is this in the Elemental Magick subforum?

Dunno, I can move it if it’s better elsewhere - haven’t read it so assumed the OP had a reason? :slight_smile:

Yeah, why here? Apologies. I meant to say in the first post that it discusses elements as a means of black magic against someone. And how to use the elements with other forms of magic.