Elemental posession?

Some very strange things have been happening starting in May this year. I began to see double and triple numbers everywhere and then finally quadruple numbers that couldn’t possibly have repeated themselves with the frequency that they did. On license plates phone numbers receipts you name it. Just after I began to see these numbers and experience it kind of energy rising in my core I met the man who I believe is my twin flame. Since I met him the coincidences and number patterns only increased.

We had an intense relationship and very intense attraction and pulled to each other and we even made several discoveries together in the metaphysical realm. It wasn’t just physical attraction, it was like an alchemic reaction.

BUT in the month of September (last month) alone, some very awful things happened all at once.

  1. My partner came down with a strange undiagnosable autoimmune disease that affected his heart and caused a strange rash on his skin and some issues with sun exposure. After seeing several Specialists, he was ordered bed rest for a week and a half
  2. On the day he was cleared to return to work, he crashed his motorcycle on the highway after someone cut him off and ran, and ended up in the emergency room with terrible road rash. 1 more week bed rest.
  3. During this time, he was also served child support papers from his ex that had conspired with a different ex to falsify his income earnings
    At this point, i consulted EA Koetting, who advised me on how i could help heal his body. But after that…
  4. My partner seemed to have transformed personalities overnight and I couldn’t connect with him anymore it was as if he was a Walking Corpse with no feelings at all and we got in a huge fight and broke up. Horrifying - I didn’t recognise him.

It seems like it’s too coincidental all at once to believe that there are not other forces at work here besides bad luck. I was thinking perhaps someone sent him an elemental? Feels he is being psychically attacked. What do you think?

If this is the case, is there anything i could do to help?

First of all, I think you could ask this question in any of the other 2 threads you’ve made with the same topic…
Here Solicited and unsolicited advice or here Need help - love with another magician

Second, you could use divination, it will help you get some answers.

Third, didn’t you said you’ve accepted his decision?

Yes. I do not care if we get back together or not. This is beyond romantic relationships.

Now that the dust has settled, im looking back and noticing things weren’t quite right at ALL WITH what happened last month to him. No one has to believe me, but if there is a way to help him, i would, and i would not expect anything from him.

If you think he’s possessed, again, divination will help you to get some answers. And if he is indeed, then what you need is an exorcist, unless you know how to do it yourself.

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Thanks. Im looking up divination and how to do it. Also posting here separately because I would like many different practitioners points of view. People are not interacting much with my older posts, and it doesn’t include the whole story, just what I wrote when i was most upset.

I want to be up-front and say that without knowing more details about your situation, I can’t tell you exactly what is going on. However, in this post I talk about a world-wide group healing ritual this Sunday. Raphael will be extremely powerful then, and his healing energy may be very helpful, to both you and your ex.

I would also highly recommend that you banish daily if you do not already, to prevent anything from him bleeding over into you. If you think this is a form of attack, the archangel Michael can protect you with his mighty shield, and can strike down what would harm you with his flaming sword. Check out Archangels of Magick by Damon Brand or this post for a simple method to contact archangels.

May the angels grant you peace friend.

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Thank you very much.

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Does this photo mean anything to you? I took it 12 days ago and it reminds me of the image in your icon.

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Hi, I don’t recognize it personally, but let me ask you this: what does it mean to you? Does it tug at you, somewhere within you? How does it make you feel?

Interpreting signs and omens can take a little getting used to, but if you have a certain feeling about this, I’d say trust that feeling. It could also have been a foreshadowing of you meeting me.

I chose my icon for a reason, however, and if you look around my posts, the reason may be revealed to you. (it’s also been my wallpaper for a while, which is a fun synchronicity)

I will give you a hint though - it pertains to the Omnipotence Transformation.

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I kind of felt like it represented what I have been going thru. Capsized.

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Sometimes in order to grow, we must first let go of what holds us back. This is rarely an easy process, as you must move on from something that was once dear to you. It can be hard to realize this while we are in the midst of confusion and despair, but know that by traversing these difficult tides, you give yourself the opportunity to grow, and one day you will look back and realize that there was no need to worry at all, because the spirits are at your side, and you are strong.

Often, what can prevent us from moving on is the feeling that we’ll never have anything quite like what was lost again. After a breakup, it can feel like we’ll never meet anyone that special again, and that life will never be as good as before. While every relationship is unique, and the good ones special in their own way, even soulmates are not always meant to be together forever, and with the spirits at your back, you can rest easy knowing that all the wonders and joys of life await you.

I sense that you may find the book Angels of Love by Zanna Blaise to be helpful to you sometime soon. Orpaniel can help you to heal from your old relationships, and beyond that, the angels can help you find your true soulmate. I wish you peace and love friend :slight_smile:


Thank you!!

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