Elemental Magick

Hi Magi,

I want to learn to work with the four elements - Fire, Air, Water and Earth.

I know candle magick is working with Fire, using dirt from crossroads and cemetary; storing the inside the earth by digging a hole is working with Earth.

How do I work with Water and Air elements? I know they are around us all the time, but how to make use of them in an actual ritual?

I am asking for your real life examples of how you have used them in your ritual.

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It depends on how you want to go about it.

I would evoke the 4 Elemental Kings and learn directly from them to master each of their respective elements.

If you are talking about an elemental ritual, like in Wicca, usually Air is represented by incense smoke and Water can be represented by a simple bowl of water.

The elements can also be represented by colour, like Red for Fire, and Blue or Green for Water, as well as with their respective Tattwas.


From a Lhp perspective you could just drink a glass of water and ask that the element become alive in you; which biologically it does but maybe become more aware of its elemental spiritual property after drinking the water

Btw: water is closely associated with the emotional psyche in humans. Its a good “diving board” so to say.



I forgot to mention, you could look into Hermetic Magick and its technique of pore breathing.

You would breathe in the element of your choice to charge yourself before a ritual. Pore breathing Fire can charge you up with passion and energy for martial or baneful work. Filling yourself with Air could be helpful when working magick for the mind or creativity. Earth for employment or money magick. Water for Love work.

You can also use pore breathing to impregnate a specific room with the element in question. Lots of arguing in your home? There’s too much Fire, so pore breath Water and breathe it out and fill the room with it. Kids are hyperactive? Fill the room with some Earth for stability. Want to get someone in the mood? Fill the room with some Fire.


Just sent you a message


Holy shit, now I realized something.

I made one osman spare type sigil to improve my programming skills and enclosed it inside the perfect sqaure (element earth), for the past few months I don’t seem like learning new stuff. my learning kind of stabilized a bit :stuck_out_tongue:

Gotta burn that one and enclose the same custom sigil with Wiccan Air Sigil and recharge :slight_smile:

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Thanks @DarkestKnight, @C.Kendall You have been very helpful :slight_smile:


You’re welcome. Glad the info was helpful :slight_smile:


Piggybacking off of DK, I’ve heard good things about Franz Bardons works, I believe they touch alot on elements and elementals.


How would the elemental earth beings like the offerings of rock salt?


If you want to offer to earth you should use rain water to water your garden for example. While you do this put your energy into the water and let it flow into nature and earth. The flowers, trees and plants will appreciate it and as they belong to the element earth it will respond to you.

If you put salt into earth it will hurt it because nothing can grow there anymore. Salt is always bad for the nature… if you want to offer something to for example fairies build a little space for them with many colourful flowers and care for it everyday. There are lots of ways to honour earth(as well as the other elements), just let your imagination flow :slight_smile:


You could get a small fountain, have it running and use the sounds of the water during your ritual. Or just a bowl of water. Look into all the correspondences of water, theres a lot to work with.

I use driftwood on my altar as a representation of water

what i meant is -
when I evoke earth elemetals e.g King Ghob, and Phorlakh, I might want to offer them something as gesture of goodwill, like we offer a glass of water or cup of tea to our guests.

Would a bowl of rock salt would be a good idea to offer to elemental earth beings?

I need to heal eye of a person.

Healing of physical body related to which element?

Healing can be related to the Earth, as the body is born of Earth and to the Earth it will return.

Fire can be used against bacterial infections and viruses, but one must be careful as Fire also has the potential to overpower the body (that’s why a prolonged fever is a very bad thing).

Rock salt should be okay as an offering, as long as it isn’t overly processed, since it is naturally occurring within the planet. A coin would also a good offering, since King Ghob is associated with prosperity.

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Cool, coin is a good idea.
But what to do with the coin which was offered to Ghob?
Wouldnt he mind if I spend it, which was offered/given to him already?

Usually the coin is buried in the Earth.

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Cool Thanks :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome :slight_smile: I used to find buried coins all the time when i was a kid. Kind of makes me wonder now :thinking: