Elemental association poll

Just curious which Element you assign to which tool…

  • Wands = Air; Blades = Fire
  • Wands = Fire; Blades = Air

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@IrisAthena I am changing the name of the thread :slightly_smiling_face:

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Bruh is today Opposite Day or have I been doing Magick wrong this whole time?:joy:


Neither is wrong, it’s just a preference. I see both correspondences as legit.


Facts, perception is reality.


Explenation behind my choice:

Wands even tho they conduct energy,
which would draw for the fire element,

are destroyed by fire,
as they’re made of wood.
(hence, when it’s a weakness,
it can’t be the natrual element.)

They also conduct their spells through air,
just like the sword swings through air.

That swinging motion,
is much easier on the wand,
as the sword haves to physically hit heavy and resistant objects.

It’s cutting ability is destructive,
like fire is destructive.

Also, fire is required,
to craft the sword through Smithing.

That’s why i associated wand rather with air,
and sword rather with fire.



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I was surprised by the results of this poll. I thought there were more “wands = fire; blades = air” peeps around. Thank you all for participating!

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