Elegua - exus

I found one of these in a shop - first owner. Other than the offerings of tobacco and spirits how does one gain and use these to empower one’s live. When I found it I was going through “a phase” and it did seem to change things. Any help on this topic would be appriciated.

TD: Having just the physical object isn’t enough. One must also have the Spirits possess the Exu.

Hey, TD - I am not at all versed in VooDoo or its cousins, but I’m thinkin Ptahso, and perhaps Invadenus might tell ya a thing or two (& You might also commune w’Dante this way): Try messaging them privately, thru the Forum - one thing I DO know about voodoo/hoodoo/voodun is that they’re a private lot; not willing to ‘cast their pearls before the swine’, I think. Hope you find the answers you seek… Z

TD have you tried reading palo mayombe that might have what your looking for it goes into quite some depth about voodoo i’m sorry i can not tell you more about it as i’ve only just started reading it myself

I think Gary Brodsky will be in the best position to help you out. You can track him on facebook or check his new release here. http://occultforce.com/exus.html

TD I would recommend you get a reading. We might want to praise and ‘serve’ these spirits, but they may not be interested in you and just take you for free ride…you know…enjoy all your gifts and treasures and not offer anything in return. They are very strong forces - I learned my lesson a while ago. Don’t get yourself into trouble - get a reading first.

Eventually I got to meet my Met Tet and it has certainly been a real eye opener.

Sakido - One does not “read Palo Mayombe”. One is a Palero or one is not. It is an initiation. And in addition to the initiation, one would need an Nganga. This is neither quick nor simple. But with these things, or access to a Palero with a Nganga, you can at least start to learn - IF - the Palero and the Nganga accepts you.

Clou9 - I agree with you. A reading from a real initiate is a great thing to do.

TD1445 - What did you find in an occult shop? If it is a cement Eshu, it is nothing but a cement head. Receiving Eshu (or Exu in Voodoo) is an initiation and Eshu needs to be made specifically for you. In turn, you then have a life long obligation to care for him.

Outside of Voodoo, the best way to receive this is from a Babalawo and you would receive The Warriors - Eshu, Oggun/Oshossi and Osun.

Receiving these also creates an obligation to the “house” you receive them from. It is not a “solo” path. Go slow, choose carefully.

Elegua has to be ‘received’ ceremonially, IF a reading calls for it or gives you permission. The object you bought is likely worthless as the santero must first divine which exu or aspect of elegua walks with you. After this is done, the fetish is filled with secret herbs and objects, someof which you must obtain yourself, from the beach or forest or wherever. You would also have to be taught how to care for it appropriately. Theres alot that goes imti it, you cant just buy one from a shop and light a few candles.

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Just be sure you find a real santero and not some scandalous poser in a hole in the wall botanica.

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