Electronics malfunctioning

All the women in my family (myself included) are highly intuitive and somewhat psychic. One suspects that someone, or some thing, could be trying to attack our home.

The cable and internet malfunctioned today, which hasn’t happened in over a year. And the household electronics - TV, garage door, stereo, timers on our lights, even the toaster - all malfunctioned earlier. My phone has also become unreliable, but in all fairness it’s also pretty old.

Lately, I’ve worked with Lilith and Anubis, and petitioned Marbas and Glasya Labolas.

I’m really careful (and I try to do this stuff outside away from the actual house when I can), but I’m wondering if I should call in reinforcements.

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Sounds like a combination of bad electrical and techno-fairies. Put some iron near your electronics to ward off the fairies and call an electrician for the out of date wiring.

Gremlins (the technology sabotage fairies)!!!
or maybe an Uranus transit.

anyway Uranus transits can cause this.

I can definitely place iron near electronics (I have tons…iron, not electronics), but the building isn’t even 15 years old, so no old wiring of which to speak…

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This could be leaking Qi. Start learning some basic Qi Gong and learn to feel and control your energy body. Do it every morning.

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I have similar experience. Whenever I do rituals or spells, my electronic devices have funny responses. How do I channel this energy to make my spells more effective?