Electronics effected by psychic abilities

I am asking this for a friend of mine. She lives with her elderly mother. They have a cordless phone, and she has a cell phone. A week ago the phone stopped working properly, it would ring, but they could not hear a person, then two beeps, then nothing. They had a phone repairman come, and it worked for him, and for her mother, but not for her. It would not work for her. The repairman watched as she dialed, she did not touch any other button or make a mistake etc, but it just would not work for her. She never had this problem before. My friend is practicing pendulum dowsing everyday. Maybe she is developing her psychic abilities, and causing this? She is also upset with her mom over something. Her sister is a professional psychic and medium and damages the electronics in cars she drives. So it is probable the situation runs in the family. Can anyone give their thoughts on this matter, any personal experiences, any books on this subject, or websites? She is afraid she will ruin her computer and nice new car. Does anyone have any experiences with computers/cars being affected by one’s mind?

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Ofcourse I have had situations like this many times. In many of my ritual videos you can hear sounds of winds and things which are not picked by human ear. Electronics work by yes and no codes which tend to crash when bombarded with a huge amount of ‘maybe’ which is magick. That’s atleast my personal theory.

If you ever watch some of the videos of EA’s live rituals, the sound almost always cuts out. It is caused by the energy build up.

In my opinion, your friend should learn to control her energy output, and to shield herself whenever she is interacting with electronic equipment, particularly the more sensitive modern technology. Old school electronics don’t seem to be affected as easily as the newer stuff.

Back in the day a friend of mine couldn’t even touch a 3.5" floppy disk without rendering it useless…

Yeah I know of several people actually not into magick per se (religious) who just seem to stop anything electronic from functioning

Hadn’t even thought why but makes sense

This can be caused by psy or by mundane differences in people’s bodily electromagnetic fields.

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