Electrical zapping

So…yeah… I’ve been researching my ass off and when I do I’m lost to the world. I drop into TGS(glowing gold skin, world’s a sparkle show, everything has energy borders, etc) every time I deep read and started noticing my phone screen starts warping, dimming, flashing. Sometimes I don’t need to touch my keypad shit will just go straight to what I’m thinking about. Sometimes my phone turns on and the password’s bypassed and what I should be researching is on the screen- freaky but I’ll take it. Also, animals start acting weird when I’m in TGS not in a bad way they just go from being animals to being in a coma state while I’m lost in the words. But the fuckin zapping OMFG it’s funny and annoying. It’s been happening since I started putting effort into this path. It just happened now but way stronger than usual. I spent the last 2 hours reading and went to touch a light switch and about an inch away a huge visible spark happened, sounded like those poppers you throw and the light in the room started flickering. As per the usual…wtf?!?

Serpentine energy my friend

Ive been doing the kundali rising without even realising it…correct or Im grasping straws?

Holy shit I did it again this time touching my hands together. Same like earlier deep researching offerings for Lucifuge this time lights off, I wasn’t in TGS put down my phone to crack my knuckles and BAM purple spark with visual black lightning trails darker than black like a void blackness. I’M DANTE FROM D.M.C.!!! nah seriously though this is weird but fuckin cool and idkwtf