Electric shock

I was about to invoke Dantalion but when I touch his sigil jewelry as I wanted to place it on the circle in the triangle of manifistation I got an little electric shock. I did invoked as I saw the incense did not smoked for some reason, so I cancel the ritual and apologized to the Powers of Darkness.
Some of you experienced that? Why did that happened? His jewelry has been on my altar for mouth without use btw.

The physical things are not so important as how you perceived the energy around them?
If you felt them to be significant, then they are, otherwise, it’s nothing to worry about.

If you got a feeling, follow that feeling and let it tell you what it meant.

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I have never felt a shock, but generally I can feel a warmth radiating from a sigil that I have charged. Also, Mulberry is correct about perceived feeling. If you perceive the energy to be off or undesirable, feel free to nope out and come back to it at a later time. Good luck to you :slight_smile: