Elder Scrolls Deadra Worship


So I just watched this fascinating video from EA.

So It got me thinking.
Is it possible to tap into the Daedra from the elder scrolls universe.
Bethesda is heavily influenced by Lovecraft and other philosophy.

More specifically Vaermina.
Daedric Prince of dreams and nightmares.
Who’s realm is called “ Quagmire” where reality shifts constantly before your eyes.

I know this sounds nerdy as hell, but I would like opinions.

If EA and S Ben can tap into lovecraft mythos; is it possible to tap into other Universes like the Elder Scrolls or The Tolkien works?


There are all kinds of things floating around in the astral. As popular as the Elder Scrolls is they might have enough energy built up that you might gain some results with it. You won’t know unless you try.


Yes. It is common practice within the Chaos Magick Paradigm to call upon fictional beings.

It’s nothing unique.


ive done that.


Wouldn’t the thing that inspired the newer thing be inherently more powerful?


I favor Mephala, prince of romance and orgies, assassination and slaughter, lies and poetic truths. Something to keep in mind in regards to the Princes is that they are not interested in us in the way that demons and angles might be. They care about their sphere, mainly because that is what they find amusing, but those spheres also define them, so be interesting in regards to that sphere and they might favor you, be boring and they might decide to make you interesting.


welcome fellow skyrim friend whar is your race im khajiit

lol anyway some of the daedra im sure were crafted after some one in the grimior so maybe find the daedras real life demon that helps with that


nocturna is my fav i just like to get sheopraphs wabba jack


Molag bal my favorite, the one coldharber, Sarana family became pura blood vampire, when i played High Elf, became vampire in dawngaurd, i went with Sarana into the Soul Cairn, where the Ideal Masters exist.


Azura, Hermaeus Mora, and Molag Bal my favorite. Especially Hermaeus Mora’s calm and relaxing voice.


Always play as Breton.
They always end up looking like Jesus lol.
The thought of a Demon worshipping Jesus has always fascinated me.

Vaermina is my favorite Daedric Prince.
Dreams and Hallucinations…


i love skyrim its a bad ass game xbox or playstation


Ever since 11/11/11…


i havent been playing for that long i got a good 3 years almost four


Ever notice how the portrayal of the Dragonborn mimics the stories of Marduk?


no i havent thats intresting you know there is a thalos like talos even a sallos to choice from?