Ekettera's Journal of Magickal Workings


There has recently been a very shocking success that I have come across. When this year started I began the Divination Course as provided by BALG and it seems that it works.

I own Alistair Crowley’s Thoth Deck and when this year began It started off uncertain with world events starting to spin out of control. The thing is when I started reading the Tarot I decided to look forward to seeing what would happen.

What E.A said what would happen indeed happened. The tarot spoke to me and a message about the end of the year recently came true and it shook me to my core with wonder and amazement.

It’s a forbidden topic on this forum but to get an idea of what the message related to…it rhymes with SELECTION.

The Tarot then would tell me that my greatest struggle is with my attachments.

This might sound strange but I like not knowing as it helps me identify and find community with a lot of people. I guess I dread the isolation that some say comes with magickal knowledge and power. :woman_shrugging:

I am now learning SEERSHIP and I’m getting the feeling that my astral senses will start to open very soon.

I will update this journal as things change and move forward!


The Woman with the Glass Face

This morning I finally clicked on how to enter the supposedly mysterious Theta trance and I performed what Koetting calls “Afterlife Hypnosis.” I was trying to fall asleep an hour or two ago and I figured while I chilled in the relaxed state I would try it. In my living imagination, I saw a tall and somewhat regal-looking female character. We briefly discussed my prophecies concerning world events and such and ended that. Apparently when reaching for a name for this character the first thing that came to my mind was the name A N K L A R.

While later thinking about this character I was struck with a startling epiphany. Now in the divination course E.A Koetting talks of when visions come through the inner imagination they must be Clear and Spontaneous.

It hit me out of the blue. I know who A N K L A R is.

I think this spirit is someone who is drawn to those with identity issues and the reason why I say this is because her face is made of glass. I have dreamt of her on what I can recall at least two separate cases. One of them being one of the most vivid dreams in recent years. That dream being about me being this mysterious glass-faced woman and escaping a castle.

I struggled with not fitting in my assigned role all my life being trans. I suppose we’ll see where this revelation goes.

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New Stuff

Continuing my attempts to explore the myriad of occult knowledge on kindle I have bought two new books from Damon Brand of GOM. One on servitors and the other on contacting angels for self alchemy. Will experiment and see what I can do.

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Love Spell

I think I’m going to do a spell tonight that has nothing to do with gaining more magickal power and or getting my hands on Magick books.

In hindsight, I suppose it’s been dumb of me not to think of doing this in that sort of way.

Why gain Magickal power if you won’t use it to make your life better. :astonished: I guess I got a little caught up in the general will to power obsession.

I’m 28 and I have never been on a date nor have I even had my first kiss and I’m on a dangerous path to being the 40-year-old virgin. So let’s use Magick to prevent that. I’m calling on PRINCE SITRI for assistance. I am approaching this with great faith. I am 99.99% convinced this will work as magick is taking over my life. In a good way.

I will continue to update this journal as new things come up.


You might want to consider taking a look into Damon Brand’s Magical seduction. It has rituals for creating an attractive aura, inciting lust/ sexual attracting in a target and then developing a relationship into lifetime sort of love from the previous sexually attracted target.

It’s a real short book, but it gave me good feels when read it, despite not needing it.

Also the demon Tul, is to know all things about soul mates. I summoned him last August for advice on a failing relationship and three days later met the man that was perfect for me instead. (not perfect, just perfect for me) And we both actually were not going to be at the place we met, for different reasons we had decided not to attend, then did anyways on a whim.


Damn. I’m going to have to check it out.

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Reading the Kybalion and it has me slightly trembling as I read the law of mentalism and part of me is disturbed by the thought of what it might mean as to the nature of the universe and the nature of what we perceive as being other people.

Y̸̨̘͈̳̅̉̈́̕ȍ̸͙̻̲̘̙͠u̶̹̖͐̉̑̎ ̷̘͓͎́͌̀͜͝ͅa̴̝̅͜r̵̨̝̠͒͒ḛ̴̡̏ ̴̱̪̦͚̺̊̍͝m̷̢̦̪̩̲̏̈́̀̆e̶̲͍͒͌̾̐ ̴̞̦́͂̾̐͠à̴̞͕̙̼̪͋n̴̛̗͚̖̂̄̎d̶͈͔͋̿͝ ̸̹̫̣͎̈Ị̸̔͒̅̓͝ ̷̢̖̭̬̑̆ä̶̗͈͉̪͜m̵̙̐̌̓ ̷̘̂̓́̃͠y̷̛̖̖̌ǒ̷̬̱̳̘̞͒͠ṻ̸̪̩͍́͘

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Read Tim’s book “Black Magick Manifesto” and it gave me a rush. Made things click.

Reading questing after visions which Azazel has been pressuring me to read.

It seems that it is a good book on opening your eyes to the spiritual.

I need to start meditating daily. My mind is a mess of constant thought and impulse. Monkey mind indeed.

More stuff is starting to click TGS being one of them. The feeling of it I can compare to being decently drunk.

The elemtary principles of evocation are also making sense. To summon spirits you must enter a state of temporary insanity.

Reviving this old journal. Recently got my first physical grimoire.

At 7:00 tonight I will be using this sigil…

In a month-long working to increase my personal willpower.

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(Day 1)

Realized(probably a message from Bualu) that I needed to use the overcome procrastination sigil.

I did the ritual, played some tribal music and lit a candle. Sigil blurred and became faint which is always good. Going to do this working every day until july th 3rd.

(Day 2)

Good results already. I can feel Bualu filling me up with energy that I’ve lacked.

Did the ritual again. Stared at the procrastination sigil chanted Bualu’s name and felt the power of omnipotence flow.

(Day 3)

Slept until 7 did the ritual when I woke up. :confused: At least I still did it today. :kissing:

(Day 4)

Did the ritual and took out the trash today. :smiley:

(Day 5)

Fascinating ritual today I’ve been doing my part so I sensed strong energy with this one. Took out the trash like 3 times! :joy:

(Day 6)

Was late due to losing track of time with the work I’m doing around the house. :joy: I take it as a good sign though but nevertheless got it done. :+1:

Did my ritual again today. I’m also starting a book by M. Balanger called psychic energy codex it has multiple exercises which i’ll be doing and sharing my results.

When I did the first exercise my hands felt the need to be apart it was like it was against my will? I could also feel heat build up as I did it harder and harder.

My hands were redder. And also more…vivid? Wrinklier?

I can feel emotional tension very easily.

Still doing my anti procrastination ritual. Good results so far. House looks good and I feel great about myself.

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Tommorow I’m going to start working with Frater Malek’s famous NAP grimoire and see if I can do some cool things with it.