Ejaculation-Emptiness and depression?

Yes I know I’m completely wasting it but it’s hard to control With a succubus and high libido I practice nofap for weeks but after I fail , gonna read that book tho

Now I feel like sex magick is worthless and I just wasted my money on Asenath’s book. Dandy. It hasn’t even arrived yet (takes 2-4 weeks and I just ordered it a few days ago) and I feel like that I might just have to toss it.

On the Tao thing, I take it as you age you’re supposed to do it a whole lot less. Swore I heard something that it helps keep the prostrate healthy but maybe that’s bs too. Gotta get older, shriveled, be a monk, and celibate.

What makes you think it’s useless ?

That video. It shows how our brain is being manipulated and turned basically into a zombie and yes, you can go through dehydration from lost of fluids. Maybe this is why people believe their succubus/incubus is draining the life out of them and making them a zombie. Perhaps its repetitive behavior. Sex magic maybe once a month or year perhaps? But according to that even 1 time could lead you down a road to losing self control and becoming habitual; albeit I wasn’t didn’t buy the tome to become a prolific fapper but was looking for something far deeper than that but now I have to wonder if it’d just be all mental, and block out any spiritual path working I thought there might be. (shrugs)

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I have not commented, beyond tagging someone who might have more to say on the matter because I have no experience with sex magick. I would like to say however, that I have not gotten the impression from this thread, that sex magic is “useless”. More like a “what not to do”.

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that video relates to porn. Sex magic has nothing to do with porn, it’s channeling a huge release of energy combined with intention to manifest something using your minds eye and emotions, sex magick does work just do it every few weeks probably 2-4 and then retain the rest of the time , my succubus genuinely cares for me but just like any person can get carried away by lust, ultimately I was the one who allowed myself to get drained but yea

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You need to learn to sublimate your libido into something else.

Funnel your excess sexual energy into a creative outlet, instead of wasting it in excessive masturbation. Artists, writers and performers of all types do it. And no, sublimation does NOT mean suppressing your desire.


As a general guideline I suggest jerkin it once every 13 days, and directing the energy either as an offering of love and potentiality to a spirit or spirits of your choosing or directing the energy in to your elixir fields with the intent of harmony and understanding (being harmonious and having understanding, that is). There’s a few reasons why, but it has to deal with potency, and efficiency. Age, diet, and cultivation practices play a part in how often one should do so. In a nut(giggity)shell, I consider it a a metaphysical method of bruteforcing changes to reality through the release of unlimited potential with a general guiding intent, or providing that to others to do with as they see fit. Now, something to consider is that the general focus and intent in between doing so can amplify or detract from that, depending on ones focus and actions during the buildup period. Rather like charging up an attack in a vidya game. The more things one lets their self pay true attention to, the less purity each one of those things has. Bear in mind, these are my own observations as a wayfarer, not so much a hard rule, as I still am a developing being whose understanding may or may not be clear, due to various factors, or not, as the case may be, free of temporal self.


Well, it seems it wrecks the mind over time and maybe the body; but does it wreck the soul and block ascension? I guess any obsession can do that to get the dopamine fix it seems.

Sex magick is very powerful, BUT the power increases the better (not always the same as longer, but often, linked) you build it up, in my experience.

Someone who wacks it 2 - 3 times a day thinking vaguely about demon overlords/lusty succubi is likely just draining themselves, feeding energy to spirits and/or thoughtforms for no return, and not attaining personal dominance and power.

(And I don’t care if people groove to being submissive, dominant, or a bit of both, magick is the art of dominating reality, so you need to be able to find that aspect when needed to exert your Will, and not just be humbly giving energy to spirits endlessly, with no personal benefits or greater influence in the world.)


Firstly, I recommend you study “Taoist Secrets of Love” by Mantak Chia to learn how to properly cultivate your sexual energy.
Secondly, I suggest you practice semen retention in a dynamic way using Karezza and test your limits (look it up).
Lastly, do some introspection to find out what past experiences are connected with the way you feel after ejaculation, then you can begin your healing process.

Identify. Accept. Overcome.


Very well put, LE. I couldn´t have put it better if I had put it better myself :joy: Sorry if that seems strange, it is a superlative complement I have used for years, now.


Makes sense

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Just going to add something man. In Taoist alchemy, as many on here know, there are three substances you work with extensively. These are Jing, Chi, and Shen. Jing is the first of these substances you work with, in order to transmute it into Chi, and Chi into Shen.

Now the reason I tell you this, is semen is related to Jing, in fact, semen is Jing Zi, a subset of Jing, not all Jing is semen, but semen is related to Jing. So every time you blow your load, Jing Zi is being lost. This is why there is sometimes abstinence training in Taoist Alchemy.


Releasing millions of sperms is like committing a mass genocide. No wonder you feel depressed, being responsible for more deaths than Hitler, Stalin and Mao…combined! :skull_and_crossbones:

When it comes to masturbation, you can do it without a release, allthough it’s damn tempting because it feels good. But the more you do it without release, the easier it becomes to get aroused and you’re basically becoming a walking aphrodisiac. Women will notice you in a different way, because you oozes sex and attraction.

Porn is neither bad, nor good. It depends on how you use it. Excessive use of porn is like excessive use of everything else; You become numb to the stimuli that rewards you, and possibly forget that sex in real life does not reflect sex in porn. No one could possibly live up to the standard of a porn actor that looks excessively clean on the outside as well as on the inside, and every imperfection is hidden by makeup and plastic surgery.

I don’t mind my spirits to sexually teasing me, even when it’s not appropriate, because I see it as a good sign that they keep showing their interest in me. It’s like staying at the heights of falling in love, where touches never ends. Some people like that phase, others grows out of it after a while.