Either unsure or denying, probably a combination


I’m Albert, live in Carrollton and am at a point I’m surprised I haven’t claimed my mind lost. After taking out schizophrenia as the main issue I’ve had to accept the rising likelihood that the communication I hear is either psychic or something else. How do I go about figuring out when it is another being, regardless of nature, speaking with me…or well one of the neighbors?

Things that are going on…

  1. The condition, name unknown, in where sounds in the environment generate familiar sounds in the mind. It’s different than that of schizophrenic auditory hallucinations.
  2. I have a thing about not being actually/truly submissive to the point of having issues following my own will into causal loops resulting in inaction.
  3. The Id resides externally & acts/is the conscious aspect of myself. Ego acts as subconscious, I highly suspect I have/am an inverted psyche.

My goal is to find the balance between being in a sane and psychotic state.

I have swayed between states, Sane(Side 1) & Psychotic(Side 2)

This construct is a spectrum, not a state based personality disorder.

Side 1

Sane: Albert

Birthed around age 10
Rarely uses psychological primes in mind

Side 2


Released around age 25
Communicates using psychological primes

Symptoms/Signs of Narcissistic Personality Disorder

::::Questions to Self::::

  • Am I the Id or the Superego? I lean toward Id by the activity in my mind.
  • Which one is more capable of murder?
  • Are the schizophrenic-like auditory occurrences part of the Egos defensive aspect?
  • Is the superego responsible for cognitive resonance/dissonance control, analysis, and/or correction?
  • Self analysis shows that the Id is present on the outside, in an abnormal position. Isn’t the Ego supposed to be external?


  • Id flourished while keeping Ego under house arrest for over 20 years.
  • Id & Ego do sync at times
  • Id is usually the 2nd in on speak/output in mind
  • Ego keeps trying to go over the top in shielding Id
  • Find out how to let Ego come out to play more
  • Id or Ego must be inside to function, outsider is supposed to act as guard(ian); fulfill its contraries needs.
  • I have a suppressed Superego & an Ego with Stockholm Syndrome.
  • Id has embraced inaction and patience to have a control on its nature.
  • Id and Ego have batted down the Superego together, Ego doing the majority of the task.
  • Ego is only 5 years old

I really feel I’m at a point I need a psychologist involved before trying to continue working with the auditory activity, I feel horrible that I could/am having information or interest of some kind made possibly meaningless or obstructed.

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sounds like spit personallity to me i should kno i have one

Hello Bunny,

Alright, I can kinda see that so where do the communicating voices come in? Part of it I can identify as schizophrenic auditory hallucinations…and sometimes some of the voices are actually saying they don’t exist. Slightly confusing.

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Go to psychiatric specialist. This is not the best place for asking advice. You are ill, and any type of attempt to contact spirits or perform magick will enhance the effects of your illness.


Yes you beat me to it, maybe in ancient times magick could heal such things but we are regaining touch with that. Not to mention that was prior to medicine being where it is. If you’re suffering DID (Disassociative Identity Disorder) aka split personality seek help. As Nox said and I agree using only magick will screw your perception.

If you have a psychotic personality giving it a demon name and treating it like a super power you’re a danger to yourself and others. A psychopath has no empathy, no moral compass John Wayne Gacy and Ted Bundy where not super hero’s. I am not saying that is what you’re doing but by labeling it and giving it a novelty the potential is there.

Please get help after consulting your doctor then see what magic will work.

The occult is not supposed to be you’re life it is supposed to enhance it. Therefore it is not a substitute for medical attention. Steve Jobs died because he believed he figured out how to beat cancer.

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Still as U R here U can work with archangel Raphael the great healer. U can easily find his sigil here using the search function. Keeping his Activated Sigil always with you as a talisman will surely help in the long run. Hope You get well soon brother/sister.

normally you can have a convo with them but idk bout them saying that we argue about who is the going to take over sometimes i cant really tell you too much since wat u experiance i havent

Well it’s been a little while since I posted this, no I do not have a split personality and no I’m not looking at it the J.W. Gacy way either. I still haven’t seen a psychologist which is annoying, I’ve recently started hearing corrections to the way I’m pronouncing names in the book “Drauga” which I later in the book read to find that the corrections were actually right… There are voices, different people and one has gone far enough to say that they are the christian god…