Egyptian Magic

I am looking for sources of egyptian magic.
Each Pharao was the highest priest and I search their knowledge.

If you know something about that, have BOOKS, or webpages please give them to me.


I think the closest to what you want (books with spells from Egyptian ~High~ Priests) is the Book of the Dead.

For more books about Egyptian Magic, I’ll have yet again to ask you to use the search function as we have several posts already asking the same thing…



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I’ve worked with the goddess Isis for a long time but she came to me not during a ceremony or anything, I called on to her through the guidance of my guide and she came and answered and has been working with me since then and now she started working with my daughter as well.

One book that may help is the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, though it may require reading it more than once


What about the Egyptian Black Magick course offered by BALG? It’s with Bill Duvendack, and is one of the cheapest they have, at only $125 USD.

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I’ve been wanting to do that for awhile.


Finbarr has 2.and its a amqzon book by helena. R. A priestesses lady. Great training book. Honestly its not goid Egyptian magic. Books. But i will Search for it. U try scribb. Yet,? Its free and may find something there

Basil crouch. Egyptian magic. Free, online great book