Egyptian god of magick Heka

Hello all,
I can’t seem to find very much information on working with the Egyptian god of magick Heka.

I found some very basic info online about him , but not many people seem to have worked with him…

Has anyone worked with him? Any advice ? What would be good offerings in your opinion?

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Heka is a weird subject. Most of the deities in Egyptian history are an expression of a principle, ideal, or force of nature. They are usually represented by specific symbolism, or at least hold major or minor sway over a particular segment of existence or the life/death cycle.

Heka, though, is a man-made god for sure, because it is the raising of the intangible power shared by all gods to a divine status. Heka as a deity is like literally making the concept of magick into a god. So in the human experience, that could run it’s course in a number of ways, lol.

So you really are not going to find a whole lot on the subject, because there is not a whole lot to be had. Heka is magick, as a word, idea, deity, etc. So to know more about Heka you really have to learn about what magick is to you.

It really depends on how you are going to approach things. If you are going to view it like a god, then the old fashioned things would do fine I suppose. Incense, wine, etc. You could dedicate workings to it, etc, as it is a god that is magick.

But, IMO, if Heka is the deification of magick, then the best way to bring it into your life and connect with it would be to engage in magick. It kind of goes hand in hand. And since I consider magick to be movement under will (life), all I would have to do to make a conscious offering would be to live under direction of my will (magick).


Love your answer! Thanks.

Another question: if i want to create a sigil using the planetary magick squares, which planet would you use? My initial thoughts are that in the sane way that there are different colors for Santa murte, and different colours for Tara depending on the purpose of the magick…I would assume the same would hold true for an abstract concept like magick as a god. I would figure out the purpose, find the right planet and draw the sigil accordingly (probably in blood to activate it).


I would agree. Maybe not the blood. It’s just a personal bias, and I DO use blood sometimes, but it is situation-dependent. But yeah, if you are doing magick in the spirit of Heka (pun intended) then there really is no wrong depiction of it. The very act of expression in a magickal context is representative of it intrinsically.

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It’s Thoth.

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Those snakes are intriguing imagery