Egregores and currents

What’s the point of them if theyre not shared goals and aspirations of the collective? Just wondering.

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A source of energy to tap into. An accumulation of knowledge. Could you expand on your question?

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Sure. Groupthinks/Egregores are groups that have well defined goals and ideas that are concentrated on a small set of goals if more than one. Esotericists mine for information from everywhere, and are set on evolution of their ideals.
Currents are powerhouses that fuel channels for the egregore.
So…if minds are scattered or gave conflicting goals, it could have people drop out, or cause mass anarchy within the egregore.
That is my understanding.
So…what does “ascent” mean to us all?

To DEVOUR THEM :smirk_cat: least that is the aim and later work of BmoA few years down the road for me. Need to put in ALOT more “flight” time.

Current working definitions that align with my goals are from Bmoa.

Expansion of consciousness and rooting the power of unlimited potential within the body.


Look into what’s Kurtis Joseph and EA are saying. They have the best grasp on the will of the spirits. The goal isn’t just ascension for the individual, but by ascending and evolving, we bring all of reality with us by changing the collective unconscious mind of all mankind. The goal is liberation, which started in the foundation of the LHP in India. They wanted to become gods. Not just unite, but individuate and ascend to something more than what they were. Is this not the highest and noblest goal? Think of any other spiritual goal. They all pale in comparison. Even if some Christian thinks his highest spiritual goal is to save everyone from damnation. He’ll hit a dead end. Spiritual ascension is the only goal worthy of pursuing in this world of illusion. And collectives are always bound to be full of chaos and delusion. That’s the nature of the herd. The individual is what truly matters, especially if that individual has recognized his or her own worth, and devoted his or her self to the task of raising himself up and by default, raising up all of mankind. If we all were to ascend suddenly, let’s say tomorrow, we would all have no want, no poverty, no famine, no hatred, no limitation. Some say we would stagnate but that isn’t so. Being without limitation means that anything and everything is possible. We would be able to live out our dreams forever evolving. It would be heaven, but that isn’t a proper term. This state would be higher than heaven or nirvana. It would be true liberty.