Egotheism-Can someone become omnipotent

Hello.This question may seem weird but I actually asked myself this question alot. Can someone achieve absolut omnipotence if he reincarnates enough times and becomes enlightened. With omnipotent I really mean omnipotent, for example: Destroying the himalaya with a laser beam and stuff like that. So I know, no one ever did that but lets assume you reincarnate 2000 times and your quest is to become omnipotent in this realm (not some afterliferealm, or maybe this is also an afterlife realm, who knows). What is your opinion, is it only possible in the afterlife or some special realm or can you also become omnipotent here?

Reincarnation is often misunderstood in the western world because of the influence of dualist worldview.
Spirit and Self is not the same. This is why we cannot remember past life because in reality there was no Self to remember. Even if there is a way to immortalize the Self we will never reach to an end destination because the universe keep expanding which mean we always evolve further and in time it will probably begin to contract so we just will sink and become small so to say.


No, in his specific case. Not because you can’t, but because you’re not alone and not the only one… if your intentions are going to upset the other ascendeds, some of whom live in the Himalayas, they will stop you. Their protections are better than yours. Evil people with siddhis exist but they don’t ascend to omnipotence: they can’t because to do that required the universal energy that is akin to love. If you can’t love and only want to destroy for no reason you can’t get here: the energy is mutually exclusive.

But tbh if you reach that level of higher understanding you would know why you don’t want to do that, or likewise why you don’t interfere and say, dematerialize all the plastic in the ocean, which you could also do.

There’s rules and they are naturally enforced, not least by your own self as you get to that level. This is also why the mystery school refuse to teach sinister minded people: it’s more trouble than it’s worth. :joy:

Otherwise yes, you can become omnipotent. Like Jesus, Mithras, Krishna and many other ascendeds on this planet. And like them, no one will really know.

These are different things. Ascension is a skill and spiritual development issue. You can reincarnate 2000 times and learn nothing and you will not ascend. It’s not automatic.

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Possibly, but not over the universe you live in because permissions have already been set up and you are not root, and there is mandatory access control.

Where do the sinister minded people learn stuff then? Do they learn it in prison, or from malicious thoughforms, or the library, etc?

I don’t think it matters whether you’ve never reincarnated or whether you’ve reincarnated a million times. That has nothing to do with self empowerment.

Same place as others. The idea that some mystery school will withhold information based on morality is rather idiotic given that any ascended being could set one of these up and some of those beings are only held back from destroying reality after reality by their rivals. They just go to a different source. Same goes for the ideas of rules or naturally enforced rules and law. None of it exists except as a state of tyranny by more powerful beings enforcing their dogma and morality on a system. You rise above them or break free from the system then it doesn’t matter you can just bypass it, hack it, or overpower it or just leave for a system that is more entertaining and has blackjack and hookers.

The idea of omnipotence itself is moronic and delusional. No such thing actually exists outside of isolated limited systems. You might be the most powerful being in one system composed of billions of realities and can create and destroy with impunity but your system is part of a larger system with its own beings that could just erase you and all record of your existence by accident or the system of realities next to yours you could just be an average chump.


I like this whole egotheism ideal. However, omnipotent is a bit off-putting if you mean this in the most literal of ways, but if you mean this to be something self-encouraging or to empower folks, sure as a theory or as something hype related, that’s a good marketing term. Omnipotent means that you were able to will an explosion to level the Andes mountains or something. Of course, as a Toltec I think I’m God Most High’s personal body, and that the things I speak of might happen if I don’t include the little, oh this is just hypothetical and probably not intended to happen, so in case those mountains happen to be leveled, just know that it wasn’t intentional and that I’ve accidentally made this prediction. :crazy_face:

Do you mean I could be omnipotent in another realm?

Thanks for your answer. I actually think that it could be possible that there are realms where you are already ascended ( some user said something similar, idk the name) and can do everything you can imagine.( I do not mean lucid dreaming with this)

Yeah, I always thought… If there are people that can bend spoons like Uri Geller or people that claim that they are responsible for the eruption of a volcano etc. What are the limits?Why are spectacular things like this possible but you can not destroy the moon or something like that. There is even a theory that people that claim to forecast things like the death of a person caused the death of person unconciously with some kind of magic. I think our mind can do much more things than we think, maybe limits are just an illusion…

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Yeah, people will claim what they will claim won’t they. Whether or not it’s really on them or not, who care?

Yes, I do mean that. It is probable that you can bleed the influence back over here, but I don’t know how the multiversal interaction works yet. I know one form works similar to sigils ( hypersigils ) and I don’t know to limits of those yet, but I am sure there are limits there even if it is just pressure of other people’s sigils interfering.

Oh sorry I didn’t see this before. Yes the same place as everyone else. The issues only come when you actually get to a level of skill, and start making a nuisance of yourself. Almost nobody does that.

And when I say skill, I mean multiple siddhis, manifesting objects, stopping hearts, levitating and teleporting skill. Assuming you aren’t picked up by feds first. You’ll never be heard of again. Which is why we don’t know anybody like that. Imo as usual.

I heard of one guy that showed off in a more sinister way and seems to be just fine, Drunvalo Melchizedeck mentioned him in one of his 1980s lectures. The dude was a natural and would teach, but do shit like, set audience members’ clothes on fire if they were off with him. I guess that’s not enough to get pulled to heel.

Us, we’re all beginners here (at BALG). All of us. It’s just not going to be an issue. So you can learn whatever you can get your hands on.

Ermmm… no idea. My current model of this universe is that we are all basically drops from the ocean that is the universe itself. There are no “realms”. What there is is filters on your mind so you don’t remember who you really are, where you’ve been (“been” being relative when spirit exists outside of time and space), and what you can do when you’re not busy “playing the game of pretending to be human”, as some put it.

I do suspect if omnipotence was any easier someone would have demanifested the Earth accidentally while having a nightmare. :smiley: And some would have done it out of curiosity or sheer spite. I think I’d probably be one of the latter myself tbh… So to an extent, the limitations are a simple safeguard. The best prison is one of the mind… especially if you can get the prisoner to enjoy his servitude. There’s a Gurdjieff quote in there somewhere lol.

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Well, psychopaths are born to it, and sociopaths are made into what they’ve become because they’ve felt forced to compete with other kinds of sociopathy. That’s where malicious behaviors are coming from. There are born dissociative personalities. They don’t have any forms of morality constricting their thinking and their behaviors enjoy the sufferings of others so long as they’re maintaining their personal power over them somehow.

Sociopaths aren’t really this way until they’ve been desensitized to the cruelties involved in the pursuits of wealth and fame, powerful social positions, and seats of influence. That’s pretty much it.