Effects of using the elements in ritual

Earlier today I was contemplating on the elements and their uses.
I wanted to hear some experiences from you guys using the elements in ritual and maybe some guidelines on some elemental rituals.

What have the elements done for you in your workings?
Are there any resources or rituals I could use to utilize the elements?

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[quote=“Musta_Krackish, post:1, topic:2282”]What have the elements done for you in your workings?
Are there any resources or rituals I could use to utilize the elements?[/quote]

What outcome/s are you after?

If it’s money, there’s a good book called Money Magic by Frater U.D. that discusses seeing money as ruled by the element of air, you might get some interesting ideas from that.

You could also look into feng shui, which uses the idea that areas of your home relate to certain elements, and there’s some fairly simple feng shui stuff you can do to improve your luck in certain areas.

I’ve tried both traditional feng shui and the “black hat” modern version, which gives you locations in each room that are oriented round the location of the door into the room, and I personally found black hat trounced the traditional stuff hands down, in one case a few years ago I needed someone to come on board for a project, and it was unlikely because he was over-committed, yet I made some changes in my “helpful people” area and he came right along and it all went great.

(Yes, there’s no guarantee that was 100% pure result of what I did, but the same’s true of almost all magick.)

What is this “black hat” modern version of Feng Shui you speak of Lady Eva?

It’s the name given to the version which is based on mapping each part of individual rooms, according to the location of the main door - traditional feng shui is based more on the orientation of the entire house against north, south, east, west and so on.

There’s a more accurate description of this newer version at http://fengshui.about.com/od/glossaryofterms/g/btb-feng-shui.htm and http://www.msfengshui.com/feng-shui-bagua

I was surprised to find almost immediate results from using this, yet the era when I had a bed whose headboard pointed in my least favourable direction (using the traditional method) was my most productive and successful.

I’m not sure this is the case for everyone, but I wonder whether being in such a geographically different location makes a difference, and for now I’m staying aware of my least favourable directions traditionally, but mostly relying on the bagua method for everyday use.