Effects of using entities question

I have heard that once you use an entity in a ritual whether it’s a love spell or throwing a baneful curse, I have heard that a part of of that spirit remains with you and will forever be a part of you. How much truth is there to this statement? Is it something good or bad?

Its not neceszarily true. Energy raised does remain with you. But energy is constamtly changing amd transforming in the body. It depends upon how you called it though.

I have called many entities to me but have main ones that are always there with me. My relationship with thdm constantly changes

That doesn’t always happen, as the other replies have stated. It’s after a period of time of working with a spirit on a regular basis that they become part of you. Let’s take for example a working I did with Qayin, I did a long 13 night ritual of dedication and I have felt that spirit around ever since, even when I shift focus to other spirits for a time. Depending on the spirits personality this could be troublesome or it may not. Qayin can be a very jealous spirit so even though he’s always around, his activity picks up if I work with spirits he does really seem to care for.

It just means a part of their energy lingers within you, especially if you do an invocation. But the energy also lingers within your working space which can be cleansed away so you can also cleanse yourself if you work with a spirit and don’t much care for the imprint they leave behind, or if you have been working with many spirits and can feel all of their energy within you and it feels like the energies may be clashing in a way that is distracting, causing you to lose focus or become ill a cleansing can be done in that instance too.