Effects of Taking Negative Energy

I’m planning on a working to steal another person’s spiritual energy for my own purposes. Background information - I have depression and chronic pain, so you can probably see why I’d need an external energy boost, so to speak.

I have my target in mind, but I am a little foggy on where to begin. Would this be a type of psychic vampirism, or something else? Any advice on where to start would be much appreciated.

Secondly, I’m wondering, are there potentially negative consequences to taking energy from a negative person? And if so, going further from that, is it possible to construct some method of ‘purifying’ said energy prior to allowing it into oneself?

(((Thinks its funny how all these people on BALG want the blueprint plans on how to commit crimes)))

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I know, it’s like a fat guy who wants to skip all the work of getting healthy and fit and just wants to go straight to the Iron Man competition.

@thestrangescientist if you want knowledge and wisdom, start with meditation aend seek throughout the depths of your own subconscious, aend with diligent patience you will find your own way, which by the way, is thee best way.

Here is a suggestion. Start meditating on the nature of a black hole, and the process through which a star becomes such a thing.

Cursed bee.

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The effects of absorbing negative energy really works the same way when someone cusses you out, or you have sex with a whore. Subtle, minuscule, but you picked up something counterproductive.

I dont know what kind of Loser Shit this is, people associating black holes with vampirism and depression and self-hate.


Haha! You know nothing.

Cursed bee.

Or perhaps your just talking about yourself. The only curse is the one being projected by you, my true mental and emotional space doesnt really reflect yours.

Thee only thing that I know is that I know nothing.

Cursed bee.

Why do you make reference to a cursed bee?

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What’s the buzz? Vibe with me, bruh. Take it back, the loser comment, it hurt.

Hey @Atinama and @Meowlix, just a heads up that you’re kind of derailing the thread.

I thought this thread was about negative energy? Lol

Getting back on track… Whatever energy you are opening yourself up to and allowing entrance into your sphere of experience, it is your choice what to do with it. If you are absorbing someone’s filth and abominable disgraces, either you let it take ruin upon you or you let it inspire emotions in you that hold a positive sway within your sphere of influence.

Unless of course that person is projecting upon you hate and wrath with purpose. Then either you are weaker than them and you suffer their wrath, or you are stronger than them and rewire that circuit to glitch in a way that backfires upon thee enemy witch.

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