Effects Of Other People Praying For My Soul?

I actually replied in the form of another question (the same) to another thread but I’m gonna try again. I was agreeing with another on a sort of related but not exactly and popped the question. So being raised as “Christian” and coming from that household which was extremely disfunctional by my early teens. To this day I every day have parents and grandparents- devout Christians- “praying for me and my soul” every day. They have no idea of my occult practices but obviously aware I’m no Christian. I’m not here or going to debate the existence of “God, Yahweh, Jesus or what have you”. My question is prayers are driven by desire and will I believe the same as black magick- actually you know what scratch the will part as its relying on “God” to do all the work. Any ways is it possible if everyday people are “praying for my soul” or whatever the “angelic holy” forces are at battle with my evokations and other works and the spirits I’m trying to establish relationships with. not trying to turn it into a evocation methodology topic- I’ve posted on that enough. This is a generic cliched term that I’m going to throw out there for only lack of better words… is the possibility of- here it is “good vs evil” (cliche like I said but lack of better words) on an astral plane interfering with ascent and evokations? An astral battle in the spirt world for my soul “blocking” my efforts. So cliche do not know how else to word. Mr Koettimg (or anyone) you have made several knowledgeable videos proving an understanding and knowledge of the Christian bible. Also mentioned in various videos being raised I believe in a Christian home so I feel this is a worth while question as there are probably others with the same. Obviously any and all responses from anyone is appreciated and welcomed.


There is no mythological battle over the souls of humans. Darkness exist so that humanity can exercise its right to free will.

Going to church and praying to ‘god’ is okay as long as you understand it as a way to connect to source. If it makes you happy, then it makes you happy and that is never a bad thing. It will however stand in your way if you let religious belief systems made up of fear and dogma stand in your way. These things can hold you back spiritually and yes, get in your way of ascent.

I have a mentor who went to church as a teenager. She mentioned that she wouldn’t listen to the guy standing in front (it’s bs) but she could feel and absorb the positive energy around her. In this case, going to church with your family isn’t going to hurt you, but for ascension it’s absolutely not the path.


Muslims pray everyday that the westerners/infidels are converting to Islam. Haven’t worked on me, but I have studied the Qu’ran.


Just so I’m clear I do not practice or believe in Christianity. I was more concerned about the fact that people are daily pretty much as I’m told “praying for me” for my soul and what not and if some sort of astral battle can inhibit my own ascent and ambitions into the black arts and relationships with other “non-angelic” shall we say spirits.


I find it weird that people pray for your soul…:thinking:
You are a soul, so you belong to nobody expect does you submit too.


Well I’m just throwing lingo out there you know praying I find Jesus and what not. Don’t know if that creates an astral conflict if you will- classic cliche again of " good vs evil". If said prays to “God” cause some sort of “Gods angels” vs “evil” spirits. Thing my intuition tells me only if I allow it to which I do not but still the question remains and warrants the post since while I follow the core principle of magick “will,desire,belief” I don’t know that some things on the astral plane level are outside of our control.


I wish I could edit the post topic to “praying for my soul by others” it isn’t me praying for my soul or to “find Jesus” or whatever

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[quote=“Novembercomingfire, post:4, topic:13296”]
I was more concerned about the fact that people are daily pretty much as I’m told “praying for me” for my soul and what not and if some sort of astral battle can inhibit my own ascent and ambitions into the black arts and relationships with other “non-angelic” shall we say spirits.[/quote]

Opinions vary on this, after my own unexpectedly powerful experience of un-baptising myself, which dislodged a lot of nasty energy even though I had never been baptised nor practiced that faith, I would say this stuff has more of a residual effect than we maybe realise, at least for some people.

And IMO this isn’t about good vs evil, and debates over those words and meanings, it’s about the combined will of people who are part of the single most anti-magickal, anti-ascent current in known history, so that should not be discounted.

I see no harm in acting to deal with that, even if it’s not as important as you think, at least you’re setting your own mind at ease and not secretly worrying and wondering about it, and dragging that around with you as you progress through other workings.

It’s very hard NOT to think of something, easier to think of it, deal with it appropriately, and then walk away feeling freed. It somehow reminds me of this:

[quote]A senior monk and a junior monk were traveling together. At one point, they came to a river with a strong current. As the monks were preparing to cross the river, they saw a very young and beautiful woman also attempting to cross. The young woman asked if they could help her.

The senior monk carried this woman on his shoulder, forded the river and let her down on the other bank. The junior monk was very upset, but said nothing.

They both were walking and senior monk noticed that his junior was suddenly silent and enquired “Is something the matter, you seem very upset?”

The junior monk replied, “As monks, we are not permitted a woman, how could you then carry that woman on your shoulders?”

The senior monk replied, “I left the woman a long time ago at the bank, however, you seem to be carrying her still.”


The older monk, his mind free, saw the situation, responded to it, and continued to be present to the next step after letting the woman down.

The younger monk was bound by ideas, held on to them for hours, and, in doing so, missed the experiences of the next part of the journey.
Text source[/quote]

Dealing with this - taking decisive action and then moving on - is the equivalent to putting the woman down, and no longer thinking about her and her possible influence.

Things you can try:

1: invoke the demonic Duke Cohzier to protect you at all times from this kind of interference, he’s very powerful and can assist by creating a shield that then runs in the background so to speak, with minimal fuss (details below);

2: try this ritual E.A. gives to embrace the past and embrace the future - it’s very simple to do, but powerful;

3: also, if it makes sense to you, do some kind of ritual like un-baptising yourself (just go to water course or use some water you’ve blessed in a bowl or goblet, and state that from this moment on you wash yourself clean of all Christian programming, energies, and beliefs - the power of ritual of making a line in the sand and saying “From this point forward, you are gone from my life” isn’t to be underestimated IMO;

4: there are reversed versions of “The Lord’s Prayer” (which I bet you know by heart, even if you’re not a Xian - this stuff is programmed in at a young age) here that you can use as you feel the need, and maybe combine with the above - if you want to go deeper to the root of this malaise, there’s some reverse Torah work here as well.

This is Duke Cohzier’s information:


Yes the good vs evil comment was just a cliche comment for lack of better words-

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Its more like Slavery vs Freedom
or Ignorance vs Knowledge


Just say you’ll do a sex ritual (ask them if they fancy watching or joining in) for their souls and dance around the garden sky clad at dawn as that is YOUR WAY OF HONOURING THEM…

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You’re basically upset with wards placed upon you, and want to know how to sidestep them? A possible new age spell like imagining yourself in a externally mirrored glass jar over you upside down. I don’t know about maximum the length, but breathe while you meditate and will it … From the best of my memory, that was the cliffnoted process.

Or go old school, say “I declare and decree that I will follow every law of God starting with the Torah”, and encourage the masses to join.

I am very interested in Duke Cohzier

:zap: Imna zahruhllis namna Cohzier :zap:


First thread I remember reading here. My how things have progressed… Found this forum right before a rush of amazing results from basic sigil magick I tried out on a whim.

Love you guys!



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Yup :metal:

Seems like people throwing words and “praying for the souls of others” is trying to subvert free will. They want you controlled to what they believe is right or safe. Eh… removing free will even “good” intentions is selfish and judgmental. Guess they ain’t following their laws of “not judging.”
I would never ever want to be in the Christian hypocrite controlled heaven praising a narcissistic megalomaniac god. What there heaven is to them is a vomit soup to me.


Yes ive tried it before. A large group did a laying of hands and speaking in tonges on me. Belial protected me during that time as a Vortex of darkness as described by one person who didnt know what it was saying it was self contained and they couldnt get in. I found that interesting.


What was the look on their faces?