Effects of freezing someone

I am just learning something about sour jars on the freezer in order to freeze someone.
What are all the range of effects different jars or bottles put in the freezer, depending on ingredients, can provoke on a target person?

Freezer spells are generally used to bind someone or freeze them or a situation from continuing.

Could be done on someone you want to lose energy, control, strenght and lucidity for continuing a relationship?

That’s not what freezer spells are for. As @anon97554939 said, freezer spells are to stop someone from acting - to shut them down and stop them speaking or working against you.

They are not the best vehicle for making people do things, though you could always try it I guess. Try looking for ‘breakup spells’ in the baneful magick category if that’s what you’re after.

You could also make a poppet that represents the relationship itself, and ritually ‘kill’ that.