Effectively Cursing a Narcissist nu

I’ve been doing alot of thinking on this subject, and although it may be true that the term narcissist may be applied loosely these days, when you’ve been the victim of a narcissist you just know it, often in hindsight. Instead of complicating this, because of the tearing down of your self esteem, which is usually the state you’re in after they’ve discarded you, give yourself time to heal, and look at this man or woman like you would any other person that has crossed you, in other words take away his/ her power. I have come up with a dark magick spell, that seems to fit this scenario perfectly. First, choose a demon, and choose wisely. Start by drawing out the demons sigil in black ink. Light a black candle after inscribing targets name, apply black arts or bats blood oil. Light dragons blood incense. Place sigil in left palm and begin chanting demons enn. When you are aware of demons presence, recite the spell with as much intent and feeling as you can muster. Spell: ( Name of Target) Upon your flesh, and into your bones
A curse I call, Your mind, your life, your body, I curse it all.
Upon you ( name) never ending torments fall,
Come ( Demons name) Take him!
Tear him, smite him!
Mighty (Demons name) Torture and maim him!
For the wrongs that he has done, you know their number…
May he seek rest and never slumber!
For every day, and every night
More troubles and nightmares come
So that all that is good in his life comes undone,
Take his comforts so that he has none!
Give him a life of stress a life of strain,
That he most surely will go insane!
I bind this curse to his body his soul,
Without pity, this curse shall stay
Upon ( name of target)may this curse remain. So be it.


Have you tried this?

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You might want to give it a shot, @heartignited.


Not as of yet, no. I like to write my own spells, and yes I plan to use it.


This is not one you should do unless it is absolutely warranted. It is meant for a narcissist who has harmed another, ruthlessly manipulated, abused, lied to, used, and destroyed the life of another, leaving that person an emotional wreck, leaving him or her with nothing but disaster in his wake. They are out there.


Thanks for posting the spell :pray:



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Lol. What do you mean?:joy:

Marked with a mark

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What type of mark

Lol, I have the mark of the beast I’m sure, but I have another?

Unfortunately, yes. My last relationship was like it. Ruined my life to the point where I don’t think I will ever be able to trust anyone enough to have another relationship. Thanks for the spell. I think the time is right to use it…