Effective ways to connect with succubus?

So I dont like to make lengthy threads like most but I am just wondering.
1.is there an effective process to really connect with your succubus to getting to physically feel them?
2. Is there a ritual to help speed up this process beyond just mental stimulation

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do you already have a succubus or not

I have several

going to the astral can help

Hi, I would love to have a polyrelationship with succbus, as I consider myself to be a harem king.

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I am curious as well, except for incubi instead.
It seems that Lilith would be a common answer, but I wonder if people have worked with other Goetics for this too.

I’ve found Sitri to be very well connected to succubi and incubi.

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I have had a poly relationship with a succubus before. They will sometimes have sex with others in front of you not to upset you but to make sure they are keeping on track the poly relationship.

I’ve been wondering if anyone has worked with Zepar for this kind of thing.