Effective love spells to bring back an ex with negative thoughts of me?

Hello, I am new here. New to any contact with dark spirits or entities. I am reluctant due to my catholic upbringing. Seeking clarification because I am open minded and hope to lessen my fears. I am also here because I am seeking help as I have had 2 hard breakups with 2 important men in my life, my ex boyfriend of 7 years that I broke up with in May but I am still in love with and my dad who just abandoned my mom and our family after 50 years together without saying a word to anyone and just up and left the country. I am very hurt, feel abandoned, unloved, etc. I tried a few spells for my boyfriend to come back because he is involved with someone already who is clearly with him for his money. She doesn’t care of his cheating past at all. She is everything he said he didn’t want. I have a lot of regrets of things I wish I’d done in the relationship and I want another go at it if it can be fixed. However with her in the way it’s not likely to happen. I also may have told almost everyone he knows on social media about his cheating and the lies he told. No one believed it though and now he blames me for it. I want to clear any negative thinking he may have of me. A lady worked on a bottle spell to separate the two and a st Martha candle to bring him back 2 months ago but it didn’t work in fact they seem more in love and are predicted to be business partners and make a ton of money together. He was very good at making money. She’s not rich but he is. I still have feelings for him. My dad may have someone younger waiting for him in the other country he visited that is much younger than him and a golddigger. He said a lot of negative things about my mom from when they were teens as if to blame her and cast her in a bad light. My mom is heartbroken… Any help for both men to come back with apologies and love are very welcome since nothing has worked.

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Best thing you can do is fix your own vibration , emit love happiness and the essence of having your desire , as within so without , law legit never fails to manifest ,

Well, you have a couple options. But the first thing I would recommend doing is some work for yourself and laying the foundations for reconciliation. Some people can achieve overnight success with rituals but I would say those cases tend to be outliers, and there are a lot of factors to consider here. It’s rarely as simple as casting one spell to get your ex back and poof, you wake up the next day in his bed like none of it ever happened.

If you are nervous about using entities like demons or djinn due to your background then look at angelic entities or saints and the like. Or you can use sigils, but they may not have the same scope of effect on complex situations.

So first, I would recommend working on healing and forgiveness for yourself (and your mum) to return to a state of peace and balance.

Next you might want to wipe the slate clean and ease the pain of subconscious fear, negative thinking, and to erase memories of the past.

Then you would want to split the other couples up; move to sweetening work (having them miss you/your mum), and then their return.

I would recommend that you start doing some research to see what feels right for you and begin to put a plan together. Check out these books:

Archangels of Magick - Damon Brand
The 72 Angels of Magick - Damon Brand
Angels of Love - Zanna Blaise
Sigils of Power and Transformation - Adam Blackthorn
Mystical Words of Power - Damon Brand

@John_Wick has a point also, the Law of Assumption can be very powerful (although I respectfully disagree on the finer points, in my experience it is less to do with your vibration and “attracting” things and more to do with assuming you already have what you desire). For this I can recommend Neville Goddard; you may jive well with this approach if you are from a Christian/Catholic background. All of Goddard’s works are public domain and can be found free online. Check out his works At Your Command, The Law and the Promise, Feeling Is The Secret.


Yeah Neville Goddard is great.

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I would recommend starting off with some cleansing work on yourself. To rid all negative vibes, energy and thoughts. As in order for you to proceed with everything else you must be in positive vibrations. “This will happen, it will come, you will come back…” etc all negativity of any kind will hinder all other work

From there you could start a sweetening spell to work on while beginning the rest. Whether it be candle, solely petition or used a lot honey and/or sugar jar spell to sweeten the target(s) in question.

After which the main focus would be doing breakup work. Sour jars, breakup jars, candle spells, freezer spell and so forth. And once that happens performing a cut/clear spell on your target towards their partner/then ex to make sure that he severes any residual ties to said individual so there is no chance of anything lingering.

And of course working a reconciliation/love spell that you feel most attuned too. Of course all in all whichever spells you decide your intentions and energy you put into while doing the work is what will give it all the power. Along with while doing so you must feel and believe the outcome will come to be, it will be. You want to make sure every step of the way you are stating what said matierial you are using will do this and that while working the spell.

Aka dont just light a candle for a breakup spell and think because you light it, it will do the work. Put your intentions, your energy. If using using state what it is doing in that work. If doing a honey jar, with this honey it will sweeten you, x, towards me etc


get the the 72 angels of magick by damon brand. Thats a great starting point for you. no demons or anything you think of negatively, just angels.

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