Effected by lunar energy

I was wondering is anybody being effected by the waning energy of the moon? I was never effected by the moon’s energy, however since the last new moon I felt a great surge of energy and the full moon I felt really empowered. The feeling I am getting now is one of being drained and bit of self doubt creeping in about my skillset and my journey on the LHP. I personally think that my mind has opened more and I have become more receiptive of lunar energy. Has anyone felt this before and is this one of many ways of improving spiritial awareness. I am interested to hear your views on this. Thanks in advance.


I haven’t. I usually feel empowered by the Moon and my psychic abilities are off the chart.

Sometimes the Moon can drain our energy. I’ve been told this many times.

I was really empowered on the new moon and the full moon, jusf felt this recently, mainly ladt night and today. I think some kind of cleansing and banishing maybe needed. I am very sensitive to energy and changes in the environment which I use to detect spirits.

Maybe you are just becoming more sensitive and in tune with the cyclical nature of the moon. Lunar energy effects us for sure. I have worked in ER’s and they are consistently busy and crazy as hell on full moons.

Yes. Whatever this energy is, it is effecting you adversely and causing you to doubt your path. Cleanse and protect and maybe throw in a bit of warding as well. Hope you shake whatever this feeling is.

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Thank you @Single_Seed_In_Hell for your input. I think I am also in tune with moon’s energy within it’s different phases. When I have been doing my Candle Meditation Ritual, I have asked Lucifer to help me see what I need to see in order to help develop my psychic and spiritual awareness. This routine I have been doing for about 6 weeks. Lucifer taught me different hand gestures in that ritual. I think this the result of this continued practice which I am very grateful for, but I don’t like having doubt as I am working very hard to clear my fears and blockages. I will do some cleansing and banishing rituals on Saturday as that day is associated with such things. I did perform a lot of rituals last saturday and a full consecration of a new altar and that could be some residual energy left over mixing with the waning energy of the moon which may have amplified the effect and made me feel a bit like this as I am very energy sensitive. Again thank you for helping me out with this matter…much appreciated :metal:

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I usually get unstable at full moon.I have more energy yes but also my mind is foggy at full moon and days close to it

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I have felt a surge in power on the new moon and really empowered on the full moon, but as the moon is waning I feel lethargic. Since this the first time it has happened I guess I am not used to the different energies that come with the phases of the moon.

Also you might have some interesting planetary transits going on
have you confirmed what is going on in the sky comparing it to your natal chart?

It can be about jupiter’s transit as well or a Mars transit
as jupiter amplifies things and Mard gives you more drive, impulse, will etc

I have been trying to search for my birth certificate as it has my time of birth on as I was going to construct my own natal chart to see what kind of influences it would have at the time I was born

I hope you can find it, otherwise you wont be able to get your natal chart
anyway, if you do not have the time almost every planet would be in the same position but you wouldnt have the houses, neither the moon correct, so I guess you need to find the time, mostly because you were wondering about the moon influences

I had it stored in a safe place where I always kept it and I went to retrieve it and it wasn’t there. I know I need my natal chart to analyse the energies present, planetary influences and where I am going which was present at my birth and is all on my natal chart. This is crucial and part of my own personal pathworking. Frustrating atm.

sad thing :frowning:

This is natural. The moon can have an effect on us, although many people either don’t notice or successfully block it out, that’s possible too.
You can be affected, but you don’t have to.

However, I work with babies and toddlers and you notice a chance in behavior in many of them, when it’s close to full moon. Many are more unstable, cry more often or simply act weird (weirder than usually).

After a moon cycle is over it is a good time to start with something new.

In the past, people in my area followed the moon cycle in everything they did. From seed to harvest, from cutting trees at the right time, if were used for building houses (cut during the right moon they were said to not catch fire easily), to haircuts. All aspects of life followed the moon.

I am the same like Littleshart, I feel more volatile when it gets close to full moon. Sometimes more, sometimes less.