Education, Power, success and money, a new me

I’ve realized that I’m going about my path, and workings the wrong way.

I foolishly have been only focused on money, money, money. Don’t get me wrong I/we my family need money help, but after a lot of reading of others with a lot of experience, I’m going about my pursuit of money all wrong.

A not so brief outline of my path. I’ve only been on this path for about 3 months, so I’m very new to this path. Ever since I began I’ve had a strong feeling of connection, need and desire to work with Lucifer. That said I want to be fully prepared when I ask for Lucifer for his teaching. I do fully believe Lucifer helped me already, I was in need of money to make a decent sized bill and asked Lucifer for help, I asked for help for a few days, on one particular day I was starting to get very desperate and asked Lucifer for financial help. That same night I got home from work around 11pm, I got up the next day and checked a lottery ticket I had bought, I won $1000 exactly what I needed to cover the bill. I was and am so incredibly grateful for the help, I verbally thanked Lucifer that whole day, I was so happy and thankful for the help.

My second experience. More wants of money and help getting what I wanted.
I did a lot of reading about Bune, and so began another newbies journey with Bune. Again in need of more money, I tried the lottery ticket again, with no success. I then turned to asking for help in obtaining a new car which would serve as means to make more money. I asked Bune for help getting the new car the day prior to making the deal with the dealership. The next day the deal was done, I had a new car which in turn net me more money through ride share. I also frequently chant Bune’s Enn while I work and the days/nights chant Bune’s Enn I do very well.

I’ve since resorted back the the lottery ticket, which I’ve now realized is not what I truly want, I don’t want a quick fix, I want a permanent solution to my financial issues, but I have greater desires beyond just financial.

I’m my current, full time job in the aerospace industry, I want to achieve success, power, internal strength, promotions and respect. But I do not want to just ask for those achievements, I want to be guided and educated into my success, I want to learn all there is to learn and more, I want the demon I work with to be proud of me and my success because of their teachings as if I’m their child.

I’ve been suffering a lot of depression lately, a lot brought on myself and I want it too stop, I’ve chased the quick fix and I realize now that was wrong and stupid, now I need to reach out to the demon or demons to educate me and guide me to my goals, not just say, I want to win the lotto please fix all my problems. I want to be taught, I want to learn, I want to succeed and be something that I’m proud of, that my wife and daughter are proud of and I want to rise to great power with my current employer and be a great leader and teacher.

I’m very ADD so one of my big problems is making a decision and staying on that path. From my reading about others experiences there are several suggestion as to who to work with but I due to my ADD can’t seem to make a decision on which demon or demons to work with, but I do have a list of those I want to reach out too and learn from.

As previously stated I’ve felt a big connection to Lucifer every since my first day following this path. Also, King Belial, King Paimon, Bune and Claunek.

Again, I want to be educated, guided, earn what I’m asking for, I want to be reborn into a new me, a new life and learn from one or all of these great demons. I don’t want a hand out like I was previously asking so selfishly for, I want to be be educated and guided towards my success. And most importantly I want to be the husband and father my wife and daughter deserve.

I’m sorry for the long post but I’ve been in a bad funk the last few days but I now know why. So now I’m reaching out for advice as to which demon or demons to ask for help and education.

Thanks to all who took the time to read this incredibly long post.


You have already reached the next level just by saying goodbye to your old attitude that didn‘t get you anywhere and being ready to ascend by the power of your own mind and dedicated work.

Imo you should go straight to the spirit you feel most connected to, and don‘t be afraid of working with Lucifer Himself. He and/ or King Paimon are the ones I would recommend from my own personal experience. They will teach you how to overcome unhelpful attitudes, bad habits and help you discipline your mind, which is the one thing you must always be in control of and the only thing you can control at all times. They are great friends and allies and appreciate strong-willed individuals who are ready to move up, despite having been held back by weaknesses.


I’m taking your advice, I’m starting my works directly with Lucifer, I’m starting slow, I need to start from the ground up, the old me needs to “die” and a new me be “born”. I want a very strong, long lasting relationship with Lucifer, I want to learn everything he has to teach, but first I need his help erasing the old me, my bad habits, excessive drinking to name one, and I believe he’s already started on that as I was able to go home from work last night and had no desire to open a beer. I considered it but the desire to do so was not there last night. As stated in my original post, I need to be reborn into a new better version of my self, for my self and for my wife and daughter. Then after that is accomplished I want to begin other works with Lucifer when he feels I’m ready. Thank you for encouraging me to work with Lucifer straight away, just after a couple days I’m already starting to feel better about myself.