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Christianity is the Parasitic Death Cult of Slaves. Satanism is an Occult that hates Slavery and defies Slavery. Satanism is about becoming your own living god, and we do this by the suppressed knowledge of Witchcraft and Sorcery, what Jesus used, what the Church forbids to keep it’s flock as Slaves.

Only Slave Cults demand worship and servitude, in Satanism there is no Worship and no Servitude, we are our own gods, no knee will bow.

Christian Prayer is a piss poor attempt at Sorcery, which is why their prayers never work. They don’t understand that prayer is condensed Worship and that the Ritual of Christian worship is no different than the Ritual of Spirit Conjuring.

Which is why Christians clash with Satanists so much. Faithless Christians who can’t even move the Mustard Seed (Matthew 17:20) try their weak ass magic against more experienced Sorcerers and are easily defeated.

The Christian is an ugly, fat, detestable creature, a byproduct of their false god. They are “blessed” with it’s abominations. While Lucifer, the most beautiful angel blesses his followers with great beauty.

Jesus was a witch. He did go to Hell for 3 days, to study with his god, Satan. He was crucified for same reason witches were burned at the stake, to suppress occult knowledge, which is what the Churches wanted. Jesus was trying to teach people how to become gods and was murdered for it. The greatest lie ever told was that Jesus died for everyone’s sins. Satanists do their best by learning Witchcraft and Sorcery so that Parasitic Slave Death Cults will not bother them.

The Bible is not the Word of God, it is the Word of the Church. The Word of God is Tetragrammaton. Which is why Moses created the 3rd Commandment. To prevent Muggles from using his Sorcery against him.

It was the Serpent who told the Truth in the Garden, the Abrahamic god lied when he said Adam and Eve would die when they ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and has been known as “the Liar from the Beginning.” Christians are heavily influenced by Hollywood fiction on Satanism.

Everything that the Christians accuse Satanists of is actually what is found enforced and encouraged in the Bible. Satanists and Atheists are created after actually reading the Bible and realizing that the god of the Bible is an evil asshole that enforced Slavery (Exodus 21) and lets murderers go free like he did when Cain killed Abel. It’s the reason why Lucifer left Heaven, he saw the moral injustice and could not be a part of it. Lucifer is the God of Mankind.

The Bible was meant to enslave mankind and prevent the Evolution of Man into gods. Therefore the Bible is the Book of Slaves. Fuck this bullshit False god. Fuck Christians and their goddamn lies. I blaspheme to prove that divine authority is bullshit.

Why call it a god if it can’t demonstrate it’s power? No the Christians under the guise of “Doing the Lord’s Work” make their impotent god (Judges 1:19) appear powerful by doing the work.

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