Edging = Sexual power?

Does edging (sexual stimulation and stopping just before the point of orgasm) result in increased sexual power?
Note = Not talking about semen retention.

Sexual power as in, as a way of shoring up energy so you can release it all at once later? Then yes, pretty much.

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Also, if one generates sexual energy by thinking/watching another being then, does this sexual energy belong to that being or does it belong to oneself?

It belongs to you, you made it, so you can do whatever you like with it. :slight_smile:


Okay ill adress this. Since i literally did this yeaterday.

  1. You need to study and practice somethibg called seman retention. Its a Taoist practice

  2. Practice the practice BEFORE you make the attempt to do it foe real.

  3. Imagine energy being pulled up theough the genitals. Up the spine. To the head. Then back down into the dan tein. Belly button chakra.

  4. Once you get proficeint with it. Then try to do the attempt. You will also want to exercises or practice tensing ans holding the muscles between the anus and genitals.

  5. When you do try it. Tighten the muscles gradually through the body to force the energy to soak into the body.

  6. Only practice this ONCE every 3 months. Give your seman time to replenish.

  7. If successful. You will feel intense heat moving through the body. Powerful healing can occur. No blue ball feeling or pain. You will feel like you just had 2 shots of expresso without the jitters or the crash


I know Taoists that practice this everyday, 3 months is ridiculous, the semen is reabsorbed into the body, and it takes 75 days to mature the sperm, the key is to circulate the jing of the sperm wjth the host sperm which is your spine, that’s the whole point of the microcosmic orbit, you’re charging your self the same electrical energy of the sperm you carry but you also charge them too as you circulate, so both you and the sperm get charged when done properly, that way you have circuit of limitless free energy, that’s who you build the immortal body or diamond body, not only does the sperm have power but you’re charging it with more life force as you circulate, I’ve done this many times and most body lost all tension towards gravity and I only needed to sleep like 6 hours and I’d wake up like a lightning bolt.

It would not happen if I did it only once every 3 months :rofl:

And not to mention the lunar cycles for the chrism oil, your body requires you to do tantric alchemy every month when the moon is in your sun sign. You have to raise the oil with your sexual energy. Which is a month by month process. I don’t know who told you to do it only once every 3 months, but I’ve honestly never heard of something like that in my years of studying tantra and taoist inner alchemy


I was speaking if you fail. If are successful, because it is a skill, then go for it.

If you bust a nut everyday (fail) then your doing more harm. Thats why i suggested it.


Can you describe the method in more depth, step by step, do i imagine it going up from the genitals or from the belly button chakra?

So, i can do it multiple times a day?

I do it everytime I get stimulated

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Watch this guys videos

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