Edge of dream?

Sorry, I know I’m asking a lot of late. Wasn’t sure where to put this as it doesn’t quite meet the decoding dream criteria.
I had just laid down and closed my eyes. I was mentally rambling a list of things I wanted to do when I get up, (mainly because it usually bores me to sleep and is preferable to my mind playing 1001 situations in your life and how you could of handled them differently). As I was doing this, the darkness in my right eye began to slowly ripple like water or smoke. It almost looked like their was a sigil and someone moving around, but couldn’t make it out fully. At same time my left eye started moving erratically and I could feel vibration running over my body. I wasn’t asleep so I could move and even open my left eye, but my right eye (which was in the pillow since I sleep on my side) was continuing the show. This was also accompanied by the sound dampening and what sounded like air and clicks in my right ear. Has anyone experienced this or close to this? The first couple times occurred in dream, but this I didn’t even get that far.