Edgar Kerval's "EMME YA"

So, I know there is already a Cool Music thread, as well as a thread pertaining solely to Occult themed music, but I wanted to bring a deeper focus to Edgar Kerval’s project known as EMME YA…

I’m sure many of you have already listened to his music, but for those of you who haven’t, I highly recommend you do… It is perfect for meditation, ritual, and really just listening to… Although, personally, I find it difficult to “just listen to” this music. It always pulls me into a deeper, darker, more focused, magical state of mind.

Ever since I started seeing Edgar Kerval and his work on the BaLG YouTube channel, I have been drawn to him, which made me dig for his music. Very powerful stuff, and definitely enhances magickal workings immensely…

Here is a song to get you started:

My intention is not to start another music thread but to start a discussion about Edgar Kerval and his work, and I’m curious about how you all perceive him and the work he shares. Personally, the way that he describes working with Belial to the intrigued adept is a breath of fresh air when it comes to a new perception on magic…

I find that his words paint things in a different way, and they allow me to visualize things in a deeper, darker, more detailed way. I feel like since I discovered him, my inner alchemy and temple has grown in power and depth… Thoughts?

Listened to this one the night of my Invokation of Belial… Meditated in the darkness of the new moon outside, surrounded by shadow… I felt a very powerful presence. I felt like I could move the clouds and adjust the wind.


I can just say for now that I felt drawn to it as well when I heard it in the other thread and now here. Dark ambient, and similar genres, is a relatively new area of music that I am exploring sometimes. Lamia Vox, Cober Ord, Vomit Orcehstra and now this appeals to me very much so far.

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I would really like to experiment with creating these dark, atmospheric sonic spell… I experiment with a lot of chant and droning sounds in my music, but keeping it less “in your face” and instead stretching out the atmosphere is something I need to practice with. I need to get into a space where I can be very loud and create the ambiance while also being submerged in it.

I love the sound of Kerval’s chanting… I feel like I get to be there for his rituals.

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I work quite a lot with fragility as a reversed kind of power in my music among other things. I think I will actually sit down one day and write a lot about all of the thoughts I have had while making it. What is strength? That is a question I often find very interesting to answer. What is courage? That is another. As Ursula K. Le Guin once said: “Nobody who says, ‘I told you so’ has ever been, or will ever be, a hero.”

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I find that very interesting and beautiful… I like to work with my feelings of failure/defeat a lot… I usually don’t work on music unless I am almost pulled out of control by the moment and the inspiration to create… So a lot of the time the songs are very raw or primal, drawing heavily upon my emotions and thoughts at or around the time of creation.

The feelings of despair brought on by the feelings of hopelessness when I was struggling through a really intense mental breakdown are a big theme as well. Not seeing my kids, becoming homeless, addicted to drugs, angry and depressed… But still riding that train straight to the bottom. Those feelings of loss, loneliness, betrayal, vengeance, and utter confusion inspired a lot of my work.

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