Edgar Cayce and Russia any thoughts?

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I think what he’s referring to here is the potential for humanity in general, although he likens it to what he was seeing in Russia at the time.
The principle he’s talking about is the same that Crowley hoped for (and that he ushered in as the Prophet of the Age of Aquarius).
In my mind, this is Evolution, the next big evolutionary leap that mankind stands poised to make. It won’t happen in our lifetime but we are already seeing the momentum. Humanity has a long ways to go yet. Their concepts of religion, borders, social mores, race, etc…all that shit needs to go. They awaken one by one. So long as we can push things forward without some as-yet-unforeseen historical event fucking it all up again (see the fall of Babylon, the fire at Alexandria, and so on), we should be good. I have faith.

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I think Mr. Cayce’s glasses were a little too rosy on the subject of Russia at the time. The USSR was one of the world’s bloodiest regimes and it crushed and quelled any notions of free thought and individuality. Soviet Russia as a state is a model of WHAT NOT to do. Instead, we should examine societies where freedom and individuality are encouraged and celebrated. These societies are what seem to flourish.


I think Cayce is talking about the idealized socialist principals of defending the working class and impoverished masses that all are equal and should be treated equally be they rich or poor.

Cayce seeing the future overthrow of communism in Russia hoping that the best ideals would be utilized after the defeat of the police state to an idealized socialist uptopia. Not realizing how the Russians really think or how they operate which is like a band of Cossacks…

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yea, this kind of shit. Indians say the next Messiah is going to be from India. Russians say it is from mother Russia. Even the Chinese communist govt at one time used to propagate that the next world conqueror is going to be from china.

But the american’s are smart ! They don’t propagate about the next savior, they propagated about the Anti-Christ ! And he is always an Arab.