Ebb and Flow

A topic i wanted to type up for a few days, But today is a slow day at work so this should keep me occupied and open up a bit of a conversation :slight_smile:

Who else goes through phases of increased magickal power and insights, and phases where you couldn’t conjure a glass of water in a rain storm? If so, how often do these seem to happen to you? as well as what do you do during these down times?

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Some days I get hugely successful invocations. Other days I strain to feel a presence. Usually this has to do with me getting to caught up in my thoughts so to speak. How I help “fix” this is by doing some relaxation meditations and really getting into it. Adding more ritual elements seem to help when I just can’t make the chattering monkey stop. What about you? What helps you when you’re having off days?

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Usually for my down periods I use for more introspective workings. If I can find a way and the time to get to a park and reset, then I do that. If i can’t then I just focus on any internal work I can, something to keep the magickal flow going at least.

Though sometimes the periods of diminished abilities seem to come about due to just being burnt out, either cause of material concern like work, or from to many back to back rituals. I find if that’s the case, the best reset is friends and beers, a day or two break from ritual does wonders too :smiley:


I find that those times are directly related to my nutrition level and hostility level.

Since I know that stress depletes the adrenals of vitamin C, which has an anti-nutrient effect on everything downstream, the more upset I am with life, the better I take care of myself and as a result, can make more well thought out rituals in succession. And since I’m dissatisfied, as well, it affects everything across the board for me, so doing many brutal baneful/wrathful workings releases the stress and greatly improves my health since I follow up the rituals with monster smoothies; raw eggs, fruit, spinach, protein powder, milk, yoghurt…And far more yoga and meditation.

Then life blows up wonderfully and resets. And I can happily peacefully study for a while until restlessness and poor prioritizing creep in… less gratitude and more dissatisfaction.

Maybe I should re-think this process. It doesn’t sound like a cycle that’s beneficial in the long term. Hmm

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