Eating Meat

Hello! I’ve heard from a few different sources that magick and diet go hand in hand. Specifically, these sources recommend removing meat from your diet if you plan on developing yourself spiritually, not unlike yogic philosophy. However, I’m not too keen on giving up meat, since it’s a major part of my diet. Does eating meat negatively impact or hinder magick ascent? Or does it not matter either way? Thanks!


I eat meat… Like a lot… I’m a wolf ffs :joy:

It hasn’t fucked me up at all. Do what thou wilt


Yea dude I just ate a fuckin big mac and I feel fantastic.


This might be relevant to your interests. Many succesful sorcerers eat meat, including me. I don’t think it has that much of a effect one way or another.


Depends on what you hope to accomplish, if you are going on a spiritual journey, a mission, or a pilgrimage; than I hear it’s a necessity to abstain from meat and other indulgences.

If not, should be fine


Meat should not be an issue, just eat clean meat. As in no preservatives (i.e. salami, bologna, etc) or GMO’s. If we were not supposed to eat meat to develop spiritually then half the population of ancient Egypt would have been vegans; they were not.


Thanks for sharing that post with me.

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No prob :sunglasses:

The bloodier the better. :smiling_imp:


Remember, there is a big difference between what we sorcerers do, and what mystics do. All the anti meat, pro vegetarianism propaganda seems to come from the mystical paths, like yoga, which seek to escape from the physical world.

Sorcerers work to bring the spiritual down to the physical, so it would defeat the purpose to restrict yourself for no legitimate reason. Cutting out meat for a reason, such as health, or to foster certain altered states of mind, or as a sacrifice to a deity, yes. Doing it to become more “spiritual,” no.


Like this bro? :rofl:


There are actual reasons for these instructions.
However, it comes down to how you want to progress and what you want to achieve.
One example:

-I’m not sure if the Translated version of this article will be readable to an acceptable extend,
so i’ll go over some details in basics.

The Parasite is called Toxoplasma gondii.
It’s usually transmitted from eating raw meat (like sushi, Carpaccio, Raw forms of steak, etc.)
Or from animals - main source there are Cats.
And from there we can go into deeper occult pretty fast.
Cat’s had been very sacred animals to Egypt, inspiring mysticism, and: They’re food for some people aswell.
Not very common, but nevertheless.
This is what i actually referenced when talking about the Goa’uld / Tok’ra.
It’s been instructions on how to alligne better with the parasites that reside inside of one’s Body,
as well as using their Powers to gain control over others.
Most of the Normal People don’t even recognize the fact, that they carry such Parasites / Symbionts inside of them.
However, they’re actually very common, and usually today get classified wrongly as “Cancer”, so the medical Records don’t have to explain which alterations where actually made to the Human.
Secound, there are Story’s of them Growing extremely huge, but it’s importend to mention, that while in a working symbiosis, they actually remove themselves at a certain point in their lifespan, being replaced by their children.
These Parasites are usually not mentioned, but for example the power which is transmitted in canibalistic rites, haves to do with part’s of the enemy living on in the eater.
A clinical disease connected to that is Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
also known a s Jacob the liar.
The disease was found in my country a few years ago in cows and bulls, so they had to be killed of to prevent the spreading over to humans.
It wasn’t the exact same deseas, the media said, but i doubt that.
I believe it came from feeding the Cows wrongly and thereby spreading cannibalism under them.
Now for someone who is actually working with such forces as for example an Wherewolf, the disease isn’t just a curse but a powerful dark blessing.
However, it can have a huge cost.
Advanced Necromancy may also use these, maybe not even recognizing what exactly they spread.
There is a whole legacy about the difference of the DNA of mitheondreans inside of cells, from the DNA of the Person having them. That legacy is famously known as Star Wars, and inspired a whole generation, as well as selling new idols to worship to them. :wink:
I believe we even had an “Yezidi” on Balg. -which sounded to me like it was inspired very heavily by that background. :smile:
So - Is meat evil in general / harmful in general?
Can it be?

You may have heard of the HIV / AIDS disease, which weakens the human immune system.
According to one Story i heard, that Virus wasn’t just made in a Labor, it was actually constructed to be unhealable. It’s said it had been made to change it’s own genetic Structure (mutating itself), due to temperature changes while it’s reproductive process.
I don’t know who’s actually been activating it and spreading it into the world, but the tale goes on saying it had been designed to whipe off certain part’s of the society (Gay people is one version, while a similar version of the story says it’s been made to harm specifically the African people and had been transmitted from there due to prostitution. -i’m not sure what’s closer to the truth).

I heard spirits talking about it a little differently.
They referenced it as “Human Identity Variation”.



Really all the people I’ve met with just beautiful auras and energies… energy that feels like pure clean crisp water… they’ve all been vegans. I don’t think it makes a HUGE impact eating meat at all. People can still magically function while eating meat… But when you do cut meat out i will admit you do notice a difference. I was a vegan for about 3 years.


This is what i experienced years ago when i was heavily into yoga, eastern mysticism, and psychedelics for a time-though thats not what im into now. Around that time my kundalini was first awakened and i was going thru a lot of yogic processes having to do with the activations of central chakras & stuff like that (i was not working with kabbalahistc sefirahs at that time)…but anyhow, i underwent some very intense experiances, one of which included the taking of some strong hallucinogens in a session which ran throughout a night and in the morning towards the end of the trip when i was coming down i decided to get something to eat. I poured a can of peas into a bowl and started eating them and because of the effects of the drugs, i suddenly had some kind of bizzare explosive vision with the peas. It was funny & simple but very similar to my experiances with other initiations i had such as mantra diksha, gurus glance, & shaktipat (even tho on this night i was alone).
Basically the peas just started emitting lots of light. They all became extremely beautiful & seemed to me as large as planets. Its like i was consuming entire solor systems…delicious except they were just peas but i felt like they were planets with forests & grass and mountains & other stupid bullshit like that. Large green beautiful planets which i consumed, killing off the inhabitants. Intoxicating, like when u exercise so exhaustively that u feel ur dying of thirst, & when u finally drink water its as if u were drinking ur own soul back in.
After that i found that i had some kind of an enhanced aversion to eating meat & my food desires shifted into a desire for plants instead. Its hard to explain. I was turned out by peas.
Its both metaphysical & psychosomatic. I guess thats probably why hippys often turn into vegans. Yikes…after this experiance I found that i would often coincidentally be served poorly prepared peaces of disgusting meat when ever i sat down at meal times. As if to reinforce the experiance that i had. So im glad because for one thing i think its healthier.
I dont usually judge others for eating meat but i found that my own slavery in life had something to do with money. Money which is kept in a leather wallet. I thought that was significant. Maybe i was being paranoid but i thought it was ironic. And what animal is more a slave than a cow to a human, & a human to a creditor. So i felt very deeply that by consuming slave animals that i had been embuing the essence of there slavery into myself, & this was part of a kind of slave matrix-so to speak. A psychedelic vision like concentric circles of spiraling fractals of slave cages endlessly linking together & housing different species from farm animals up to human beings. Fences are for caging cows and the tactical placements of money, religion & sexual propagandas are used for caging humans. All this creeped me out a great deal, but i liked the idea so i went with it. So im vegetarian about 90% of the year now. The other 10% of the time being reserved for cannibalism. :skull::skull::cold_sweat: ha, ha, ha…
Anyway, all this happened about 10 years ago & the effect has lasted up till now. So I just think that this is an archetype of some kind, & if the conditions are right a person will eventually have some version of the same vision.


Heck I’m a carnivore. Not going to give up meat. There are certain other reasons too for that. :slight_smile:

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Okay, Part 2, some of the reasons for actual benefits of reducing meat intake:

first of all, meat is the closest to our own built and set-up.
Therefore, the more our body is used to having it in it’s diet, the more trained it becomes at re-struckturing it’s own muscles and it’s known by science that the body can indeed diguest itself.
Some of the Body Building which is sold as an own part of society here in the west -combining gyms, heavy sport investigation and tons of augmented food, which looks very little like anything i’d consider natrual goods - is focused on perfecting that restructuring processes.
Now Yogi’s had that stuff figured out to a deeper level, way before.
Meat is produced from vegtables and vegtables are produced from the elements (Sun, Water, Earth -minerals)
Most people in our society consider only certain plant opioids as being drugs - well, becouse those are the ones listed as potent and forbidden.
i believe the current abuse of animal parts in both beauty and body transforming methods, will come to legislation at some point. -yay, even more rules and laws to fuck off.^^

sorry got interrupted.
The Plant’s are basically a closer source to the natural energys of the planet.
which helps with gaining more sensability and better karma - which admires to concepts you’ll find disproven on this forum allready. :wink:


@Lady_Eva has covered this subject of magick and diet quite well.


nah dude thats grounds for a hexin’ lol

Personally I’d emphasise physical fitness over dietary restrictions. If you’re body is strong, your magic will benefit. Keep eating steaks; they’re delicious.
Fundamentally, humans have evolved to eat meat and veg. Our magic abilities evolved along side that, so, to keep our focal points functioning at peak condition, you should eat meat.