Eating healthy - Marbas

So Lilith came to me Some hours ago and randomly told me to go and put on makeup. It was odd her energy just completely filled the room and I was expecting some sort of revelation but no… just go put on makeup.
So I listened and as I was putting it on I asked her what this was all for and she said “You’re about to meet the president.” And as soon as I was finished, I felt Lilith leave and another enter the room. Marbas. I had only met him one other occasion earlier this week when I was out on a date. I had a horrible headache that I just couldn’t get rid of. Every little noise bothered me. My date and I were walking downtown when I felt someone touch the back of my head. I stopped to turn and see who it was but no one was there so I kept walking. I took a couple steps… and the headache was gone. In the car on the way home the face of a lion with bright eyes flashed across my Vision. I didn’t know who it was until a couple days later when a friend of mine randomly sent me a video about Marbas and it explained how he appears as a lion.
Today I’ve been feeling a little bit feverish so my initial thought was that Marbas would be coming for that, but instead he gave me a little lecture on eating better and made me drink a bottle of honey and Apple cider vinegar.


That’s cool. Next time ask marbas for tips to improve not only physical health but also emotional and spiritual health. And then don’t forget to share those with us. Seems like you have progressed a lot in spirituality, good for you. I am still a novice, so Hope you will be kind enough to guide when needed.


Thank you. I will be sure to share any wisdom he decides to give me.