Eating A Road

I stopped vamping for too long and was starving for energy. I was drawn to this highway. I felt all of this untapped energy calling to me. I pulled over to the side and find a safe spot to place my left hand on. I draw in such toxic energies, but it was thrilling trying something so weirdly new.

I find a new deflection technique with using my aura like a paved dirty road. I haven’t done this again in years. The roads are truly untapped energy source to draw upon. I stopped doing it because it was causing potholes, and I found other source of energy.

  1. this is so weird to read with out context and

  2. very interesting research, i can definitely work with this

Ive done this with graveyards and part of forest with some success, ill have to try this out.

I vamp within my territory. I was getting images of families and other randos I can vamp them from tapping into that road. I stopped because I got the feeling I crossing into other vamps food source so I stopped. I don’t need the headache.

I literally just pulled over my car and placed my hand on the road and started to pull this horrible, amazing energy out. Beware most of it is toxic energy on a city wide scale. You have to huge, huge energy filters in place to handle it. It’s why I stopped.


i evade this filter problem by making a fetish to act as a filter for me, this way i could get a bunch of energy with out making that much of an effort

What about country roads or forest roads? I mean the ones done directly on the earth, not build?

Not a vampire here, but big public events can be good sources of energy (concerts give me a buzzy boost that lasts for about a week). Also, look at heavily touristed areas.

If you’re ever in Los Angeles, take a leisurely walk down Sunset Boulevard or Hollywood Boulevard. Tons of music fans (Sunset) and tons of tourists (Hollywood) equal tons of extra energy.

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@Purple It’s been my experience that most recognisable geographical features have an indwelling spirit, to say nothing of the excess emotional energy laying about from, for example, people’s road rage. If you were to put out an open call for that spirit, I expect you could get in touch directly.

Some of them might be glad to let you feed without the need to dig so deep?