Eating 5 Grams Of Mushrooms To Heighten Magick Rituals

Eating 5 Grams Of Mushrooms To Heighten Magick Ritual
What I learned from mixing heroic doses of drugs and black magick… my experienced views on ingesting extremely potent psychedelics to heighten the effects of my rituals

(For legal reasons, I do not encourage anyone to violate any enforced drug laws, nor am I a medical doctor)

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~5minutes in EA makes an additional distinction:

Mystical experiences, vs Magical experiences

not just in terms of this vid, but other operation/Workings

< < also the concept of a Crutch brings up the idea of developing a skill, vs doing a skill> >- and thus “you using the tools, vs the tools using you”-EA

Terence McKenna… :slight_smile:

I saw this in my mail when I woke up and immediately said “5 grams?, Jesus Christ!” My first experience was with a half gram and that pretty much ripped my third eye open. EA must have an incredible tolerance. Reminds me of the story of Jim Morrison eating an ounce of hash.

No experience with mushrooms, but ill give it a try

Last month I took a dose of @cid and meditated once it kicked in. It was night in my friend’s backyard and we had a bin fire. During this meditation I was looking at the redwood trees around me and asked the spirits of the ace to show them selves to me. I closed my eyes and after about 10 seconds I could see the skeletons of the trees and their souls. I opened my eyes again for a few minutes I closed them again. This time with my yes closed I opened my mouth and I could see the fire with my eyes still closed!

I tried acid & mushrooms back in HS, before I had any interest in the occult, but now I don’t have any connections (hint, hint). Anyone able to help an aspiring magician?? :wink:

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I enjoy using Amanitas with my rituals. They are 100 percent legal in the USA and you can find them online. If you’ve mixed valum and alcohol, these would compare to that effect. They make scrying incredible and make it easy to fall into a very deep meditative state. They are a must try with evocation and invocation, you will not be disappointed.

I buy mine from this vendor and have yet to be disappointed. I get my best results by eating ten grams with some lotus tea or red wine.

Also I would like to add if you like a more opiate type high when you scry or do rituals you should look into purchasing Kratom online. Kratom is as good as the real thing and it’s legal in the states. If you have any questions about legal herbs hit me up. I’ve experimented with a lot of them that you can purchase online.