Easy money spells to do?

Could the experienced please recommend me as many as you can down here in this thread?

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Didn’t u find any with the search function?

Going to look at it when I get home

Choose a certain amount of money and remember the limits you currently have with physical ways for the money to come.

Think of the way this amount of money could make you feel such as getting to buy something you want and focus on that specific sensation that getting what you want produces and once you’re fully aware of your desire on an emotional level light a candle and meditate on its flame and connect with then hold it with your right hand and close your eyes and focus on the feelings of lack that come up when you realize how you’d feel if you don’t get what you want and slowly begin imagining yourself receiving the money from whatever way you want to imagine receiving it and now that you have the money in the present moment think of all the emotions you can experience with it by having your needs met and truly feel those emotions now verbally declare in front of the candle flame that you have the money and say the things you can do with it

Blow the candle and leave the spell knowing it has worked already and you already have the money you wanted


thanks williams

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A spell suggested by E. A. Koetting, for example a few live chats ago, concerns a square from Sacred Magic of Abramelin. I believe it’s the first one (Seqor) from chapter 28 of third book.
It is supposed to be opened like a sigil, by drawing it on paper then gazing (looking with concentration but also relaxing the eyes). The lines will perhaps seem to disappear, then appear again like floating on the paper. Imagine to already have a great amount of money, then also feel all the related emotion. Continue in order to “exhaust” it, then state something such as “I’m very wealthy” (maybe a bit generic) or “I own X amount of dollars”.

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