Easy envocations

I think envocation of demons of Goetia is hard. Is any spirit, demon, deity or other that can envocate them more easier than demons of Goetia?

There’s invocation, which for most is bringing aspects of the entity inside your system, and evocation, which is about summoning the entity to appear in your ritual space… “envocation” is not a word :slight_smile:

If you mean evocation of entities, yes it takes a well focused intent and energy to evoke successfully, but no more or less than most other entities we know are volunteering o work with people.

If evocation is hard, you could try simply petitioning them rather than trying to draw the presence into the physical.


I said hard because I can see demons of Goetia 5 times in more than 100 envocations.

Evocations. That’s actually very good! Don’t be so hard on yourself :smiley:


Really.5 times in more than 100 is good? I became so sad after every failure. Actually I do psychedelic drugs for that (more than 100 times)

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Honestly evocation methods aren’t necessary, I just draw an invoking pentagram and chant the name, the spirit shows up immediately, I simply state my request and it’s done, evocations or meditations are more for learning new things from the entity that require more communication


Yes, this is a high level skill and you have just started. I rarely see them physically, and that’s with a manifestation base like incense or shadows, but I know what they look like through my minds eye much more clearly.

Developing the psychic senses is where it’s at, imo, because it’s not just sight, you also get telepathy, emotions, the sense of presence, clairsentience, sounds and smells. You don’t see them, you just know that’s what they look like and there’s other details, like whether they dressed like this just for you, almost like, remembering it at the same time it’s happening. I rely on this heavily and it makes for successful rituals and info sharing regardless of manifestation.


I was under the impression that evocation should be mastered first, before attempting invocation.

They’re complementary.