Easy divination to use?

What’s the best accurate divination to use to discover someones feelings about you?

Accuracy isn’t based on the type of divination, but rather how you work with your intuition.


Like @anon48079295 said, it is not really about the actual method as much as how well you can listen to your intuition. You could have an as accurate session using coins, a knife or stones as you can using tarot or astrology. It is all about the person reading them not the tools/method itself.

Here is an example using stones. For this method, if you are looking for whether or not someone is attracted to you, you will need two stones of a different color (one for you and the other for the person in question). Draw a circle in the dirt outside and shake the stones in your hand, thinking of your question. Drop the stones in the center of the circle. How close the two stones are too eachother will indict how close or attracted they feel to you. You can go a step further and look to see what cardinal direction their stone landed at to determine what kind of emotion they feel towards you. East and south being favorable while west and north not being. For example, if the stones are far apart but is facing east, they do not love or feel close to you but may find to be a friend. If they are close but their stone faces west, it could be that either that relationship would not favor well or that they are “close” because they despise you. If their stone lands outside of the circle, you or they are completely out of the other’s mind entirely.

If it feels off, you can recast of course. The trick is to read to the point where you “know” as opposed to guessing


Thank you for this! And by stones I am assuming you mean Rune stones?

Nope, just normal rocks you find outside