Easiest way to give blood?

Alright, i’ve never used blood in my Magick or in offerings and it’s about time I do.

So how do I give blood without hurting my self?

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A diabetic lancet. It’s relatively painless.


You can use a lancet but i have figured out that the pain, is a apart of the sacrifice it also gives a boost in adrenaline and in energy


So then what way can I cut my self without causing too much bleeding.

I dont like needles myself and i dont like pain but as said by @C.Kendall pain is part of the sacrifice, me myself i use my dagger normaly and cut my arm to me that feels better then to us a needle that is less painful but pain is a part of the sacrifice i feel should endure for that process.

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Finger tip thats what i always use.


As stated lacets work fine. Its what i have been using. Ideally higher gauge the better. Shaper needle.