Easiest entities to evoke and easiest sigils to open and work f you.or

I was just wondering what other people’s experiences are with which entities are easiest to evoke and easiest entity’s sigils to open and work for you. I have found this to go hand in hand for me.

For me the olympic planetary spirits seem the quickest to come when evoked and quickest to get a hold of when opening a sigil and requesting something from them. For me this is especially true with Bethor.

Following that the elementals seem easiest to evoke for me as far as being quickest to come.

It becomes a little harder with goetic entities for me.

I also have heard that the Kingdom of Flames spirits are quick to come also but have yet to evoke them. Anyone agree with this or disagree?

I know Koetting sort of provides a list of the degree of difficulty in evoking certain beings in his Evoking Eternity book. But I wanted to hear your opinions on the degrees of difficulty in evoking certain beings such as olympic planetary spirits, elementals, KOF spirits, Goetics, BOA spirits, Bardonian spirits, and any other specific ones you want to mention. Thanx!


There is no difficulty in evoking any entity. At least, I haven’t had any. If you can evoke, then you can evoke anything. I haven’t noticed any type of entity responding faster than another.

I think he means, what spirit is easier to sense and see.

Seere is said to come easily.

Goetic spirits come quickly to me, just as archangels. Im having a tough time to conjure up elemental kinga though, no wonder Im having an amazing experience with them.