EAs Tattoos Video

I didnt really watch much of this, bit I found the idea curious and Id like to see if anyine has done anything with tattoo symbolism. The subcultural faction of western society I was raised inand still ivolved to a degree, has a unique perspective that tattoos should generally be earned. There are a few things I am working on getting and some I can only get through specific circumstances, but I still personally adhere to them as being a badge of honor and respect, rank, etc. In a certain lifestyle. I understand not everyone views this the same (although if you go to jail it wont matter what your views are ]:), but either way I am curious if anyine is willing to share. I have a few friends that used masonic symbolism in their sleeve designs to signify certain things or convey a specific message.

All of mine (I don’t have many) are the reward/trophy for spirit initiations, victories of various kinds, and stuff like that - I have some orbital and auricle piercings in the outer edges of my ears and they’re also all symbolic, I started that as a teenager - my tattoos are pro but the piercings are all hardcore, DIY, wouldn’t have it any other way.

Moldy_Bones on here has made me wonder about getting a small scarification done, maybe the private sigil of my Child, to have such a kind of intimacy of flesh and blood it has to be something really major like that. :slight_smile:

I don’t have any tattoos myself, but I have always wanted to get at least one. Not sure really why I’ve never gotten one yet. I suppose it was just never the right time, never found the right artist, etc. I’ve always felt as well that a tattoo should have some personal meaning, something symbolic n some way, though that said I see nothing at all wrong with anyone getting something silly and without any real meaning at all, other then they just like it, as long as you don’t end up outgrowing it at a new phase of you life and regretting it. I’ve never really thought about the concept of a tattoo being ‘earned’ though. Honestly I love that idea. Maybe that;s what I’m waiting for. Maybe mine is meant to be a reward for something I have not yet gotten to in life.

I have one with two more on the way. The one I have now is symbol of a community of people that got me through some low times in my life and ultimately inspired me to grow into something more. So I have made it into a strong symbol for getting through things and summoning willpower. I do not use it in ritual unless I feel I am spiraling or losing control of a situation and then it will ground me strongly when I envision the symbol.

I am working on a half sleeve lion face representing an entity that helped me overcome every self imposed boundary and fear I have been able to think of in the last five or so years. I am almost certain the entity is Vine but we will see as time develops, the entity left me years ago after it convinced me into making a few breakthroughs. I have been adamant about getting the tattoo because I feel it would influence me too much on what i used to be and not what I can be. I will need to improve my evocation skills and talk to some entities before I make the final decision.

Then a friendly little moth perched on my shoulder that i am getting in a week or so. I don’t know what it will be used for but I like moths so I will let the idea evolve on its own.