EA's ref to Invoking-Omnipotence not only Theta-Gammasynch, but also MindShift


Two related posts linked but distinct about “Invoking-Omnipotence” I haven’t seen mentioned on the forum yet, but seems to be a vital distinction: as in the Div course (as well as once his “grimmoire” is distrib’d making all his prior works avail- it seems that might be more something on this forum) he instructs more about it, but still the impact of how in some parts it seems he is dealing the cards and speaking, or looking at liquid and seeing… etc. but the internal-state less noticable as he can make the shift so easily (as he mentions)
in that one part where he explicits how he almost fell over, and then didn’t have “explicit memory”… in this context look at Evoking Eternity that mentions:
“invoking omnipotence” as a state-shift (massive phsiological change, as well as psychological differentiation, Not just the “usual personae”, and then beyond that [not just starting over, but from that point from there,
once stablilized, “nearly passout” again… while “opening sigil” via Theta-Gamma Synch,
As the entity is starting to make presence-focalpt, recite incantation and Theta-Gamma Synch (nearly passout)- as a third reaching… allowing the crossroad-rapture in each of these 3 stages to pave the way for the next.

In this context, it can still be done in largely “normal-state” but becomes a fully different thing in my mind… and in the Ch7-group ritual in Evoking-Eternity… a skrying rite is laid-out… each “eyesclosed” reaches for that “nearly-passingout” (and yet not just sleep + massive energy, but also a contact with the “goal” see-felt)… each is to say “in”… until all have:
On reading that, sounds ok, until think, as you are reaching for, and then holding that "state’- to have the focus to remember how many people have said “in”… to be listening and not “zoning-out” and yet not “snap-out of it” … and from that- holding steady… then “seeing that Vision” recite the memorized “incantation” (in that other language)… thus hard to recall anyway, but not lose the state of focus, nor the specific vision contact (often people call up in memory using visual sense… but if that is in use)… nor lose contact with the Enviro- again “hearing” others in group “contact” (was that only 3 of the 4 saying it? or all 4? or did I just count 5 or 6? even though only 4… )
so seems to imply the skill of not only being between that mind-state of “Gnostic Trance” and yet still aware and Mundanely focusing (but without being in that mundane state of mind… rather than being Personae in role of “mage” … that magickal-aspect takes on the role of being person in the room, and thus uses that “persons” familiarity of others present, etc.
Thus would seem firstly achieving Physio-state shift, and then secondly, facility of slipping in and out again, and then thirdly- this dual- Fully in that state (allowing more of that “else” to enter-thru) and yet being able to marionette simul… and finally Fourthly- learn to do all the magickal techniques one has learned to do previously in this new context, sensing what “other aspects” are revealed.