EA's pact with Azazel

So I was contemplating a pact and and was doing research on it when I noticed EA say he keeps a copy of the pact with Azazel on the wall while going through the evocation course.

In the BOA it’s states that he burned the pact. So now I’m confused. Did EA rewrite the pact or did I miss something?

If I misinterpreted something I apologize in advance.

Should the pact be burned when the time is up or should it be kept as a gateway?

Um…wouldn’t the obvious be that he made a second pact with Azazel? Nowhere is it written you only get one pact per demon.

It’s possible that he made two copies. One to burn, one to keep. Or maybe it was a second pact. I’ve had two different pacts with one entity. Different pact, different goals.

I would say he probably just kept his notes from the pact to reference in the course.

He also has stated before that the pact with Azazel has never really ended.

Burning a piece of paper isn’t going to change what follows you the rest of you life and possibly eternity.