Greetings BALG Forum Members,

I’d like to take some time to honestly report my experiences with my Personal Consultation with Koetting. Now, I’m going to share everything from initial purchase all the way to follow up. *NOTE: I, Mode_439, do hereby decree that I am NOT a paid spokesperson for BALG products or service…I’m just fuckin’ with y’all!!! Let’s get started:

  1. The Neophyte & The “Cost”

As most of you know, I’m very new to this particular System of Magick, and with being new comes a lot of questions, concerns, and personal time (the one commodity MORE valuable than money) and money being spent to get “somewhere”. That “somewhere” is a feeling of confidence and control. In learning any new skill there is a lot of work up-front until one has the said faiths in oneself.

For weeks I’ve been posting, communicating, PM’ing and adding buddies, staying up ALL hours of the night researching the only two (2) books that I own of Koetting’s - EE & BoA, and studying the BALG forum. Trying to converge MY WILL with material reality in the quickest way possible. Through my experience I’ve come up with my dreams & goals, then, broke them down into long range 1yr, medium range 6-8month, and immediate next 30-60 days goals. *At this point MY WILL is starting to make things happen! First in my heart…then in my mind. My confidence is starting to grow. I took what was in MY power to do and did it and took it as far as I could go. Of course the whole time looking at the money…the financial commitment and still saying to myself “$147 is a lot for me right now”.

Long story short. When I began the above journey into this, I didn’t know what I didn’t know, $147 seems like “a lot for me right now”…fuck THAT. If I’m to truly do this, I better start fucking thinking and acting like a GOD! There is no room for negative thinking. After empowering myself, $147 for 1 hr with Koetting started to look like a bargain and something very much attainable.

I did all the footwork I could on my own, came up with questions that were either too abstract for practical application via a forum setting, or got to a point that I wanted to ask the author myself. The $147 became available, as well as an additional $238. Yes, in the last week I’ve spent a total of $385 in personal consults. I’ve banked two of them for future use, and used one yesterday with EA, not to mention paying for the Divination course in full! So, I’ve spent (invested in myself actually) a total of $685…the POWER of desire friends.

  1. The Actual Buying Experience

So, I made the purchase through the appropriate channels here. I appreciated the emailed receipt and the thank you and all that jazz. What was a little confusing for me (I’m not that intelligent…heehee), was the scheduling application customer user interface from Acquity. The time was scheduled in EDT (Eastern Daylight savings Time) as opposed to EST, as I am here in SW Florida. I believe that they are the same thing. Anyways, this is just a labeling preference. I personal prefer EST. When I was in active business I never used or even heard of EDT…no biggy…this was NOT a deal breaker.

Room for improvement? Yes. The whole software feels like a suite that can be customized for later online sales & services. A suite that a small/medium sized company can “grow into”. There is nothing wrong with this, and please know this is NOT a negative toward BALG, Timothy, or EA in any way. My professional experience was with similar software and help-desk software, so I’m a little more critical. I feel that the software itself should be tweaked even more for what EA and Timothy envision for BALG. My overall feeling is that the software, software vendor, and tech consultants having fully integrated their vision into the project at a profound level yet. I understand that this is a new venture, so again, please know that this isn’t a bash. It just feels that there are some things missing.

  1. Help Desk Ticket Resolution

Just a pet peeve here. I did place quite a few trouble tickets. I fucking LOVE the response time promise, and often got my “resolution” well before the BALG service agreement…24 hours I believe? I would really like to see the resolution ticket being closed out by the client (me) when indeed it has solved my concern. The tickets are sent with a status of “closed” and in some cases I didn’t feel as a paying customer and as a member of BALG that my ticket/issue was indeed resolved. Now, this is in NO WAY a poor reflection on Timothy and EA, or Kristen, who has been an absolute pleasure to work with. She has been very patient and put up with me (I tend to be over bearing when it comes to business…sorry…just how I’m built). This is more of a policy issue with how an actual Help-Desk is run, SLA’s, etc.,…let’s move on. I know again from experience that ALL of this goes into reports and costs for the business owner…blah, blah, blah. OK…NEXT>>>>>

  1. Email reminder

I love that fact I was reminded of my appointment two (2) days prior.

  1. The Actual Consult with Koetting

Koetting was prompt. EA called me via Skype at EXACTLY 2pm EST (fucking EDT man OK…happy). I was timing him :slight_smile: As a client I pay MAD attention to shit like this. So, right from the door I felt like “OK the guys on fucking time…I can take him seriously”. Now, I don’t know EA personally and am getting to know him professionally. Again, how one conducts themselves professionally says a lot.

MY expectations. Who gives a fuck. Whatever thoughts I had about the experience up until the ACTUAL experience don’t matter. EA was relaxed, very down to earth which is so welcoming in the Occult isn’t it? Jesus, I hate dealing with people that you can’t have a conversation with because either I or they are too far gone!!! We both introduced ourselves, I gave a little back story about me, and then we moved on.

*NOTE: I was VERY well prepared for my consult. I had a list of ten (10) questions that I neatly typed out. Both my EE and BoA for reference. I was over prepared.

Interestingly, I didn’t follow my “script” my ten questions. However, we did address most of my questions. EA and I addressed what I felt were the important ones. The rest I can go to the forum for. Now, please understand we addressed “most” of the questions only because of time, NOT, because of anything that I or Koetting was doing “wrong”. Actually EA was kind enough to share some very important information regarding my development, and emailed me a MS Word doc that I gave my word that I would not share since it was for ME. Also, I greatly appreciated the fact that EA emailed me from one of his “more accessible” email addresses…at least that’s what it felt like. With that being said, I also added that I can get everything from the BALG Forum and wouldn’t abuse his email address. For me…it’s just good manners friends.

  1. Post Consult

I sent Koetting a very short but genuine email of thanks. Now, not a thank you in the sense of “EA you’re a god dude…your soooo cooolll, trhanks bra” this is non-sense. I sent him what any good professional or serious person on this path would do (IMHO), I sent him a thank you from the heart. Yes, I paid him $, but my thank you was more of a “EA, thanks for sharing with ALL people your experience”. Not ONE TIME did I feel less-than, or Koetting was some ego fuck head or anthing ill.

Actually, I walked away from my personal consult even more powerful and confident than before. I’m MORE EXCITED about ME, my life, building my OWN EMPIRE, and forging a destiny that even the Gods will revere.


NON of the small issues & concerns I brought out should be a deterrent to ANYONE wanting true happiness and change.

$147? As long as I make the DECISION that I CAN AFFORD IT I will ALWAYS invest in a few sessions. My personal consults are now part of MY OWN PERSONAL FINANCIAL BUDGET EVERYONE.

FUCK!!! We’re talking about our lives here!!! Our happiness. Skimp on food for a little if you must. Don’t go out to eat if you are going to sacrifice an IMMEDIATE pleasure. Skimp on seeing the latest movie for a month or two. DO ANYTHING THAT YOU MUST!!! But don’t skimp on yourselves.

Log in

INVEST a measly $147

Prepare your questions

Have the consult

Align your will with what’s in your heart

I hope that this review truly can help the people that have been on the fence with wanting to do this. I also wish that you walk away feeling as focused, empowered, and powerful as I did…truly.

EA did NOT change my life. I did. He is just a more experienced sounding board.

Kind regards & BE WELL!!!


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I almost forgot to mention.

Do to the fact that I experienced some minor problems (not worth even mentioning folks), Timothy took his professional time and emailed me, asking if he could be of assistance?

THAT is just damn-good business. I must really solute Timothy et all. It is this type of over the top/above average customer care & service that compels me to spend my hard-earned money here


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Awesome man. Good to see honest reviews of products. I hate to see reviews where everyone who shares has zero complaints, pet peeves etc. it always makes me think it’s fake. I had no doubt in E.A. as a more than competent consultant but you really pushed it home for me. I’m also glad you mentioned he wasn’t full of himself, this encourages me to take advantage of his in the future. I hate to see people take themselves to seriously which in this realm is an all too common issue. Thanks for the review and best of luck.

Thanks man for that honest review! Like TheWanderingFool wrote, it’s great that you aren’t sugarcoating it, but is keeping it real.

I also want to purchase a personal consultation some time in the hopefully near future. As it is at the moment, I know how to procede, but when I’m over this stage, then I’ll probably purchase one.
Thanks again!

Good to hear a solid reliable review. I would probably be annoyed by any tech type stuff too, Techmology whips my ass! lol. It doesn’t shock me at all when you say EA and Timothy conducted themselves as absolute professionals. I would expect nothing less from men of their class and experience. I’ll be booking my appointment as soon as the financial shit storm is over. I can’t wait as I think my only way forward at this point is private one to one instruction and consultation in magick, and I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather talk to about my ascent then EA.