EA's debate with the bubblehead

I watched this rediculous blabbing beaver some time ago; and it was painful. I would think i have the least to pop my top over, but she was just painful- for me.

She is so kindergarten mentality.

But one thing this event popped into my mind; which kinda blew me away.
I actually recalled a definition of the LHP vs RHP and an injunction to Adhere to this Path. The wording is this. "Man is to act, and Not be acted upon"
So called White Magick aka RHP, Demands that the person "first Surreneder to the "First Cause- the One Supreme All; and then bind ones actions and life to Sumission unto all these forces- natural and spiritual- of which the concept of Islam, “To submit”, ones face in the dirt and ass in the air is the most perfect expession. Whereas

The Left hand Path, the Black Magick; one first Realizes as dictated in Gensis, psalms and new testiment; Humanities Inherant Divine Sovereignty; Behold Humanity Has Become As One Of Us; Ye ARE Gods {and he did mean capital G} Therefore- As Deity, We are bound to Act, upon nature and the Spirit. As well as accepting Responsibility for our actions and results; where the former, abdicates their inherant responsiblitiy- with the conveniance of 'blaming ‘god et al.’ for the results, the most childish and ungraduated of actions and mindsets. 'when I was a child, I did the things of a child, but now that i am an adult…"

This is the essence of being a living God; to acquiesce to a lesser ‘discapline’ we Sell off our Birthright for a mess of pottage, that which persihes and bring us nothing- living god or else.

I love EA for participating in this; but she was so beneath him and frankly she sounds conflicted and confused. He is PHd to her grade school which gancy language.

Hail to my Beloved Brother!!!

I’m glad personally you posted about this- I have to admit when I saw the title of the video, I was a bit perplexed (as it seemed it would be a gimme… a set-up so to speak)
<< -by which I mean the subject-matter, not the personalities involved. >>

  • but then I guessed perhaps it was to be inflammatory, and less a content video, but to get YouTube association/links, keywords- perhaps comment-troll-activity, etc… to spur visibility-traffic?

-I don’t know, but it does keep on the subject and give oppor to re-state the ideas from prior video-outline of pts from upcoming book- so on-topic… (I was glad to see that pts were listed in the description of the video- so I didn’t view the vid- just read what it said… it didn’t seem to have other aspects than that?)

But I wonder if all those that jumped on the threads-questioning about Left-hand path vs Right-hand path previously, and all said- “we just do a little of both, I make my own path which includes some of each- and is in the ‘middle’ …” [as well as just blurred together: left-right hand, baneful-beneficial magic, dark-light magic(k)… 3 different dichotomies- not all clumped, IMO… but all the activity on the board previously, they were just all the same thing, per the flood of responses… -I only write this wondering if the tide might see the pts Timothy, and now EA, recently put forth, and now follow that, or if there will be an upswelling of that same response of many saying- Left and Right are the same path…

(let alone "tapping the LHP ‘current’ " is not just following a path… but to tap the Current, one is following, not just brushing, a set-way =path).
[this ‘current’ is only accessible to Power your Work and Devel, when it is avail to you]…
< and distinguishing say LHP-beneficial, or RHP-dark … LHP-“light” etc. >

  Is following a path, "following" a set-way, if setting-one's own path (which is fine, but seems to be purposely self-misleading, to frame it as "following" vs a set of recipes, as well as developmental stages)-  just my proposal, to be clear and call it what it is... I think that would clarify many questions.

[for exploration of the meaning-of-the-terms-used… http://www.amazon.com/Demons-Flesh-Complete-Guide-Left-Hand/dp/184068061X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1428485297&sr=8-1&keywords=demons+of+the+flesh is better than “Lords of the left-hand path”… as the first explores terminology and helps expose assumptions… (perhaps also see- http://www.amazon.com/Real-Magic-Introductory-Treatise-Principles/dp/0877286884/ref=la_B000APJQI2_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1428485647&sr=1-1)

  Personally, I wonder if muddleheaded-ness (or as OP above refs bubblehead-edness?) is a result of indistinct words all mixed, all about the same- yet precise thinking can come from precise recognition of what one means, as both a starting pt as well as developing premises.  

I don’t know if this is just a one-time ‘debate’ or if the idea of developing/elucidating-unfolding concepts… might match-up with presentation in book-form, or if in addition there might be dialogue (which recent questions by forum-posters could address)… just a thought while this surfaces- in the forum? just via EA’s video talks, or… (as those here, and elsewhere, walk with each other a bit- as when seek alone, yet together) << -whether the ideas or the popularity is the focus >>

-It does seem this subject arose and faded within a single day, on to the next… perhaps more productive if it had been less a ‘mob-mentality’ of <what do ‘we’ think> dogma-keywords-style… either way, the wind-shifts.

I personally enjoyed the debate and I think it took some serious courage on Astrid’s part to sit there and debate Eric when no one has taken him up on his open challenge since he’s been an online personality. Sure some people may be horrible on camera, I for one am one of those because of my issues with anxiety but that shouldn’t count against someone’s abilities or intellect. I feel like she just misunderstood Eric and people like us because the conclusion I came to from listening to the both of them is that they pretty much believe in the same thing but have different approaches towards it. Everything happens for a reason and perhaps people will learn from this debate and see that we are not so different after all.

Call me childish or whatever , but the woman was so annoying - i mean even purely her personal ways of acting were so disturbing to me that i couldn’t watch it…

Mind yourselves, that’s my friend. If you have issue with her positions then address those. Personal attacks like these only show who the ignorant child is in the debate.

^ Agreed on both points, credit where it’s due for that, and I don’t think someone’s manner on camera is relevant to the validity (or otherwise) of their ideas.

I’m just watching this now so don’t have any comments to make on the material discussed yet but I do know that a lot of televangelists are very sleek and charismatic, this doesn’t make them somehow more worthwhile. :wink:

As i said i don’t care if it was childish, i only told my opinion - maybe her manners are normal in england, but to me it seemed like she was acting a bit uhh i don’t find the right word, but “cheeky” is what comes to me. I knew someone didn’t like my opinion, i don’t like timothy’s videos either because of the way he speaks - that’s me such a hater.

But i love EA’S charisma, and that at least proves that he has an aura of “prophet” around him :smiley: try to understand what i mean, i’m extremely hungry at the moment so i cannot concentrate too much on writing this…

It was an interesting debate.

In my opinion, the “dispute” of black vs white magic is the opposition of the words, rather than the potency of either side.

Black magic, despite the good potency of it’s craft, seems often misunderstood because of the “negative representation” of it’s words. The same goes for white magic as an opposition to black magic.

It sometimes resemblance a preconception of an immigrant or of a certain country.

White magic doesn’t have to be bound by religious undertones, and black magic doesn’t need to be something that oppose white magic. If both benefit individual growth, and is used as such, then there shouldn’t be any debate.

I watched the debate in it’s entirety. This was not an easy task, but worth the effort to hear EA speak on the questions asked.

Her willingness to engage in the debate is admirable - as entering the boxing ring with a serious Magus vs. her could have been a public display of being soundly flogged. She appears honestly and intellectually immature and as such? EA was a gentleman being very cordial and dare I say never took the gloves off in the conversation.

Now what strikes me is that she apparently feels…

a) Most black magicians are “Angry Teenagers”, devolving into selfishness and hostility. (She is a happy person and likes her glitter glue.)

b) We are born as Deities and lose connection with that at the age of 6 plus or minus. We have no need to evolve towards self growth unless we have lost touch with that initial inner space of being. (She was born and remains evolved.)

c) Daemons are “like dogs”, to be summoned, used and sent away. (She takes these spirits as unworthy momentary allies?)

I take exception to all three points of view.

I. My anger (if we must call it that) is based on passion and a desire for power, control and change - not immaturity.

II. My growth is based on a universal truth as I understand it - that presence, continued existence and life in all realms depends on it.

III. The Daemons I deal with are allies on equal footing and deserve my respect as such.

Overall, I would suggest watching the video, but simply fast forwarding thru her comments and listening to EA. Little she said resonated with me.

I congratulate her on being born all powerful - and would ask that she please excuse me if I decline to put glitter glue on my bones and ritual tools.

Okay just got through all that, I LOVED that format with Doug leading the conversation, giving equal time to each party, being very even-handed, that was absolutely excellent.

I took exception mainly to her claim all children are born omnipotent, and all but her have had it knocked out of them somehow, but that’s so self-evidently untrue it feels almost spiteful to dig into it too much - I’m mainly so enthused about the format and about her willingness to engage in person, instead of just the usual internet shit-slinging 99% of the world engages in (not just magickal, I mean politics and so on as well) that I don’t really feel like going further down the route of poking holes in what I disagreed with in there.

Her beliefs seem to have been honestly come by through her experiences so far, and that places her head and shoulders above non-magicians who have wild scare-stories about demons and so on, or what they think a black magician person MUST be. Plenty of them are clogging up YouTube and garnering followers to their misguided notions without ever having even met or engaged with “demonic” entities at all.

Great stuff, actually worth 80 minutes, thanks E.A., Astrid (if you ever happen by here) and also very much to Doug, coz that rocked! :slight_smile:

I think E.A.and the moderator did a fantastic job and many thanks to Astrid for being the first person to agree to this kind of forum discussion. I hope Astrid will take the time to consider this experience and revisit her past video on E.A. and the comments she’s made and see if she still feels the same way.

Despite what issues and disagreements I may have with Astrid I would like to say that she’s got way more courage and honor to come on and talk with E.A. compared to a certain host on Golden Dawn TV that made a video on E.A. I’m guessing some time after E.A. gave his lecture to the Golden Dawn and even though the video says “Rebuttal” I’m not entirely sure what he’s debating or responding to in regards to E.A.

As for me, like I mentioned; I watched her original slam at EA; at the time was having massive computer issues and after 2 attempts to succintly and tactfully- issue only no personality replies crashed, i gave up.
I feel I am the last person to call “unattained”, and though she certainly is not- i began as a ‘spiritual alchemist’ 10 years ago, and was so blessed by the propellant it gave me to get where i am. But that is what it was- A propellant- and Not a Plateau of Universal Achievment and Superiority; which in my opinion, she really has the flavor of a “Saved Christian” or even a Pious Mormon }Xp> , she relentlessly returned to her “I work only with the Top, Summum Bonum therefore your 'lesser unnecessary way is spurious and irrelevant since i work with the All”. And Hells Blessing to EA for in my opinion , graciously stepping down and back, validating her security in her Superior Over lording position as many times as he did; he exhibited A wonderful majestic Humility born of True V.I.T.R.I.O.L. Tempering, heating, hammering, and returning through the process- AS well as the obvious "and I will continue to the center of the earth and retrieve more and bring it back- and like the old man at the Tree of life, Bid those he loves the most US, to come and partake in hope we too will prefer to make the trip on our own rather than vicariously through him. He did not say it in so many words- but i have seen such enough (though sadly infrequently) to recognise it and hope some day i may be the first person he see upon his return to offer him a cool bottled water and foot rub.
I do not know a thing of her life and experiances- but from her original vid swing at him, at best all I can say is "She is at least very young, much like the freshly trained pfc- ready to take it to the taliban when he meets my 4 solid years in combat in the same place son- they may agree which direction to shoot- but it will be alot before the pfc will measure up to his superior. bless her heart though for doing it,being pleasant as she could. Sadly I fear I won’t see such or much more… like EA adeptly said ‘we badly need more of it’.
EA could have seriously stressed his superior position, but he is not in competition with anything but himself, time, and life itself. And he gave her far greater service in his courtesy and I dare say- 10years down the road, she will, due to this experiance, be a very differant and far better seasoned mage.
For me, the best experiances of my life have been when i look back 10,20,30 years, and not only see wildy differing people wearing my meatsuit- but look foreward to finding who will be wearing it 10,20,30, yrs in the future- all the time knowing my youthful (chronological and psychol-spiritually) "teenagelike “ALL KNOWINGNESS” was mostly a form of self comfort anesthitising for my lack of Actual Attainment. did that make sence?

So i dull the edgyness of my barbs; hoping the best of EA made itself a good growth medium within her so she can make some progress she may be thinking she is not in need of.

In my experiance- untill someone can name every Sentient populated planet; hold my hand and walk me to the “ALL” they are so epically able to say they work soley with, thus not in need of the stairsteps and ladder rungs EA and the rest of us are in need of; it is best to appreciate what anyone other than oursleves has- untill we indeed can scientifically and repeatably present we indeed are in such a state of Being. I use to be-quite ably- Be one with the pathway to the ALL; luckily for 20+ years I see i didn’t have shit; and bear alot of regret for thinkiing and acting as if I did.

There is so much good in the worst of us
and so much bad in the best of us
that it ill behooves the most of us
to find fault with the rest of us.

and i now descend from my pious soapbox, still thanking EA

[quote="Black Flame, post:4, topic:4994"]Call me childish or whatever , but the woman was so annoying - i mean even purely her personal ways of acting were so disturbing to me that i couldn't watch it...[/quote]

I agree with this to an extant but I think everyone has to practice and develop their abilities if they were to pursue a life as a witch or magician. I think her response was based on the fact that most people are conditioned from childhood to ignore things such as natural clairvoyance which would allow them to forget about it and have to relearn it. Perhaps she was born to a family that encouraged such things but that doesn’t make her magick any more potent or omnipotent then what you or I could do. Most magicians like to sound larger than life when they talk about themselves but that doesn’t make anything impossible or change the fact that we all possess these abilities ourselves.

White magicians tend to make my blood boil for some reason but I think Astrid is pretty legit when talking about her perspective on things. I think most of what she said could be taken out of context like for instance saying “demons are like dogs” but as we watched the video we learned that she was talking about egregores not Godforms. I’m glad Eric was there to clear things up because it kept things from being taken out of context.

The reason why I like this debate is because I see the bigger picture of things that could possibly unfold in the future. When talking about awareness I feel like we should hang the hat on some of these petty debates that we find ourselves gridlocked on and move towards our right and desire for spiritual evolution. I feel like we are embarking on a New Age of Understanding and there is no reason to hate each other or constantly work selfishly against one another because I feel like we are all one and if we embrace each other like brothers and sisters we could build our own heaven together here on Earth.

Agreed CJ. Debate is one of the best ways to expand our own thought base - not just through understanding someone else’s point of view, but through arguing our own view we sometimes come to a brand new thought, idea or insight we hadn’t previously had - an epiphany of sorts.

Honestly, I think Astrid is just a really happy person and we as people hold others to really high expectations when we shouldn’t. Sure one could be irritated with her persona but I think it’s a waste of time judging her based on this when we are all human and probably come off just as irritating to others.

If we were all happy people this wouldn’t matter because we would be happy to see her happy. Sure we can look at it being tolerant but I really think people for the most part take things like this to fucking serious when we could just simply be happy for Astrid and thank her for taking time out of her day to debate Eric.

The reason why I say this is because after reading through some of these posts I don’t see why others would feel the need to waste the time and energy to point out her personal flaws. We all have our own flaws and it hurts when others point them out to us especially when we can’t help it. It is what it is and I think we should have a little bit of compassion for each other instead of always being quick to point out the negative.