EA's books worth price?

I have seen a LOT of talk (all positive) about using teachings from EA, and so I was looking at his information and wanting to get his books – until I saw the price.

One was almost $1,000 ?

Now, I know some people would say something along the lines of, “the price doesn’t matter if you’re serious about magick.”

Which I am, but financially this just isn’t something that is possible right now unless it was necessary, or something I should 110% without-a-doubt look into.

Which, I am willling to do jsut not for awhile.

Any other book suggestions until then? Do you guys think EA is really worth all that?

He is a powerful magician, don’t get me wrong… But his prices can be pretty ridiculous.

You can find some of what he’s teaching online for free though. As well as watch his YouTube videos.


eBooks 27 dollars a piece, 99 for all of them.


I will say if you are savvy enough you can get all of them free most likely. Same applies to almost any other book. Just have to be cunning and know where to look and maybe through out a few spells to find what you want.


I do recommend Asenath Mason and Kurtis Joseph. I’ll be reading Kerval soon so can’t say yet for him.
Mason’s books are very reasonable. The only ones that are out of my price range are the newest editions but her older editions are okay.

I find a lot of EA’s work to be good but he is one out of my price range as well. His Ebooks are affordable though and as was mentioned he does have good youtube content.
His Book of Azazel is up for free on his channel if you want an early sample of his work.


I purchased the ebook collection. $100 is well worth it for the information they contain.


Why do you need to buy something, you collect them, what exactly do you want to know when buying books?

Well, I can relate to that, for sure. :grinning:

I bought Evoking Eternity from an acquaintance of mine - I can say that one is worth getting in eBook form certainly.


If you practice any magic at all already, use it to get ahold of cheaper copies. It’s helped me numerous times when a 1000$ book comes along at 100$. As for specifically EA’s book, they are good but honestly got more out of the video courses myself.


The books are released in very small numbers so they do become very valuable when there are no more available.

This is not a market I particularly comnprehend (nor am I judging it) because I like to collect other things, like jewellery, which could be said to ber equally strange. :smiley:

The Complete Works for $99 is a bargain and you are paying for a lifetime of work and study by an advanced magician.


I think its worth it at one point. Like it will go on sale. EA is very down to earth and gets it. He has nothing to do with the price I believe its done by someone else.
The Price is large but a lot of his info is on his youtube channel and sales come every once and awhile. Though he wants to spread magick it is still a business and I get it. Make money from what you do best. He knows what hes talking about so I’d keep it in your minds eye but there is no rush. Don’t need to buy them all at once.


Amazon has got used books to. Somebody read it, sells it again and you get a nice deal and the author gets her/his money too. They put a lot of work in the rituals, so it’s worth it.

And yes agreed a 1000 dollars is much, just look at Ebook or a second hand. It’s nice stuff

Oh and Asenath is busy with her publisher to get E-books too :slightly_smiling_face:. And her prices are very affordable


I started with the Complete set PDF which are wonderful to have on a kindle because you can study black magick at work.

Hell yeah 'Merica…

Then I wanted the OAA book and Necromantic Sorcery for real and went to ebay.

I found a seller with NS and bought it. It took more time than I would have liked so I contacted the seller and he apologized and got it sent out and sent me a tracking number.

We struck up a conversation and he asked me about my path of ascent. The first book came and he made me a second offer, “listen I have learned what I want and I know you are a mage and not a book flipper so I will sell you a bunch of slightly used books for $700.”

Hell yeah … done.

The guys name was David. The books came and we talking, texting and email all day like we were new bf/gf except it was an obsession of magick. He astrally traveled to me and performed major workings.

It was major.

Two conferences later with EA I bring up David. Eric pauses…

What is the last name … I give the full name, phone and email…

Eric mouths “Fuck” … yeah Dante and David. I expect this of David because is well beyond My books and would want them placed with a worthy heir.

So the total for the books (plural) was $1200 and the mentorship was priceless.

I was instructed on flames 19 - 25 … I gave the list to Eric and he confirmed.

Yes that is David.


It would be a good thing for the community as a whole if the books were reintroduced in hard back or leather clad. I much prefer Tomes in print. No real reason for the outlandish prices, like the gas, coffee and sugar shortages, shortages at the reasonable price, BUT at the new inflated price, all you could buy. Go figure, supply and demand. I my self would really like to have a copy of Evoking Eternity in hard back but no way I can pay the prices I see out there, so I will wait and see.


If you figure that as a human being the time it will take is $50K and the production costs are $50K and you add taxes and a margin for advertising and unseen risks then you can get to a $200 book quickly.

2000 is a good run for a hardbound book.

When S Ben the Book of Smokeless Fire he separated the runs to do hardback and the paperback.

Are his books worth paying for?
Hell yes. I listened to Book of Azazel and can say his are experiences not manuals.

The cost of them? That’s up to you. Right now in my life saying $25 for one ebook is “pennies” or a 2-3k ritual knocked down to $700 is a “steal” is just unrealistic, but if I had a 4 story house with a Ferrari out front maybe I’d agree. (Dont know if I’ll get to that degree, we will see ;))

$25 for an ebook is in my price range but it’s not Pennies. It would be nice to see more as ebooks like the newer gatekeepers series he’s doing.

But yes, if it’s something you can afford, I’d recommend his books.
I will also say don’t turn away from the other Balg writers, they are just as amazing.


Agreed that made me buy Asenath her books. And she always willing to answer a question you have about her book. Respect for her!

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Belial keeps recommending her books to me :rofl:

So far I’m a big fan.

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